[Charity] A Holiday gift from Jelly Key & the MK Community

The winner of this raffle will receive their gift on Christmas, and everyone who participated in this raffle – you not only have gotten the chance to receive, but you have most definitely given for a good cause!


[Shipping] Shaved Ice & Syrup keycap

The keycaps are in shipping warehouse right now. It will take a few day to process and take 1-3 weeks to arrive

artisan keycap

“Best Artisan Keycap” in 2016 that was held by Deskthority

We would love to let you know the most valuable thing to us is the recognization and the support of mechanical keyboard communities from around the world. One of this recognition is the “Best Artisan Keycap” in 2016 that was held by Deskthority.


[Shipping] Uzumaki and Uzumaki Princess status

Different from the previous group buys, we now able to provide the tracking code for you to know the status. Thus, we kindly ask for your patience to receive and update email from us.


[Giveaway] Jelly Key – Jelly Saga keycap

For this time, we want to hear your opinion about us. As a reward, we will give away the best keycap in our latest series – Jelly Saga collection.


[Project] Jelly Saga collection keycap

Jelly Key doesn’t only make from plastic and resin, a part of it is made from sweet and power. These keycaps are made of cream, milk, and sugar. Each ingredient is mixed together with a perfect ratio, which help you to feel happy from inside out.

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