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In the golden glow of dawn, artisans on a pristine shore beheld the wonder of children sculpting majestic sand fortresses. With meticulous care, they adorned each rampart and archway with the ocean’s treasures, creating ephemeral realms fit for kings and queens. Despite the ebb and flow of the tides erasing their labour, the sands were reborn each morn, with castles ever grander, a testament to resilience and imagination.

This spectacle sparked a revelation within us, seasoned maestros of the auditory realm. We resolved to infuse that indefatigable spirit into our craft, to forge a legacy as enduring as time itself. Harnessing our collective wisdom, we transcended past apprehensions, navigating the turbulent seas of innovation and critique. Through trials and tribulations, our hands wove not just sound but stories, our keystrokes not just precision but poetry.

Our magnum opus, the Quintessential Symphony System, emerged—not merely an audio device but an architectural marvel in sound. Each component, imbued with the essence of our craft, promises an auditory experience as rich as folklore, as robust as the citadels of yore.

Like the ephemeral sandcastles, each challenge is but a wave we rise above. Our resolve is unyielding, our creations, timeless—a symphony of sounds cradled in the arms of artistry and grandeur.

product quality

At Joiha, craftsmanship in keycap making is an art form. We prioritize the highest standards, ensuring our materials are not only safe and free from harmful chemicals but also crafted to endure. Our commitment to quality produces not just keycaps, but lasting pieces of artisanal excellence.

fine art design

We believe that true artistry lies not just in the outward allure, but in fusing simplicity with sophistication. Our artisans blend functionality with elegance, crafting each keycap as a miniature canvas of convenience. The result? A product that doesn’t only captivate the eyes but also enhances the user’s experience, delivering a touch of luxury at their fingertips with every keystroke. Each arrival of a Jelly Key piece promises a moment of visual wonder, delighting the senses and transforming the mundane into the magnificent.

research & development

 30% of our resources is devoted to the development of innovative, superior, and sustainable keycap creations. In the atelier of Jelly Key, artistry is ceaseless, a relentless pursuit to envision and realize keycaps that are as unique as they are captivating. With over a hundred series launched—and two-thirds achieving complete sell-out status—our journey is marked by relentless exploration and meticulous craftsmanship. Each series begins with a spark of inspiration, meticulously shaped and refined into a tactile treasure. It’s not just about crafting keycaps; it’s about sculpting the extraordinary, keystroke by keystroke.

In an age where technology’s tendrils entwine our daily existence, the omnipresence of smartphones, tablets, and omnipotent wireless internet has forged an almost unbreakable digital connection. This constant online immersion, however, can cloud our focus and dim the spark of our creative fires.

In the midst of this, the art of DIY and the embrace of the handmade emerge as sanctuaries of authenticity. Crafted with precision and soul by master artisans, these pieces are bastions against the digital tide, preserving the essence of human ingenuity.

Amidst a sea of mass production, the allure of the unique—of objects imbued with the artisan’s spirit—grows ever stronger. Therein lies the charm of the handmade, an object not just held, but felt; a testament to the irreplaceable beauty of the human touch in our increasingly automated world.

Our clientele, discerning in taste, seeks innovation yet often treads lightly around profound change. Yet, it is in the subtleties, the nuanced refinements, that they find delight. Such incremental enhancements are pivotal, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. And beyond these subtleties, it is the bold, exclusive changes that elevate a product from familiar to iconic.

Embark with us on an odyssey of discovery, where the extraordinary lies in plain sight—upon your mechanical keyboard. Here, in each keystroke, lies a portal to a world crafted by the deft hands of artisans, a world where each keycap is a story, a masterpiece, a revolution.

Everything is going to be better

The Joiha collective is a beacon for the future, steadfast in its mission to deliver treasures that resonate deeply with their recipients.

From the seeds sown in 2010 with 7xu, purveyors of high-fidelity audio, to the alchemy of transforming headphone wires in 2012, each endeavor was a step in our relentless quest for acoustic perfection. Our hands wove silver and OCC copper into sonic gold, tailoring each note to the listener’s ear.

By 2013, the vision crystallized: not just to craft, but to sculpt sound. The ear became our canvas, and from it, we molded the symphony of Joinhandmade headphones. Each piece was not merely an instrument, but an extension of the self, a conduit of pure, unadulterated audio bliss.

Closing 7xu was not an end but a metamorphosis. We traded the cold glare of profit for the warm glow of passion, choosing to create not what the market demanded, but what the soul desired. Joinhandmade stands as a testament to this creed—every headphone a masterpiece, every note a narrative, crafted not for the many, but for the one.

The journey of Joiha through 2014 unfurled with the inception of Jelly Ear—our maiden headset, a symphony of sound cradled in craftsmanship, offered to our community for their indulgence.

As media spotlights from Techinasia to local heralds like Genk and VnExpress shone upon us, we refined our creation with fervor, infusing Jelly Ear with the finest of materials, tools, and presentation. The result? Over two hundred pre-orders through social tendrils alone, a testament to our artisanal devotion.

The year 2015 witnessed the birth of Jelly Galaxy on Indiegogo, a marvel that married affordability with high-fidelity, capturing hearts and ears alike. Our chromatic headset project soon followed, not just a product but a palette for self-expression, encouraging the youth to embrace their individuality.

We aligned with the rhythm of Miss DJ Vietnam, celebrating the vibrancy of music and youth, and by November, Jelly Doux danced into existence—a vibrant, customizable headset tailored for the beats of student life, crowning our commitment to accessible elegance.

In 2016, Joiha’s odyssey of innovation began with the fulfillment of the Jelly Doux headphones, a harmonious blend of customer satisfaction and artisanal excellence. February heralded the inception of Jelly Key, a foray into the world of bespoke keycaps for mechanical keyboards—a testament to Joiha’s handcrafted precision and small-scale machining prowess.

As spring blossomed, so did Jelly Clan, a cadre of design virtuosos dedicated to elevating Joiha’s digital presence. The summer of 2016 saw the debut of our first keyset, a masterpiece evoking the dynamic essence of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” a fusion of art and technology.

Transitioning to Joiha, we embraced a name that resonated with the core of our creation spirit, encapsulating our triumvirate of innovation: Jelly Audio, Jelly Key, and Jelly Clan.

When autumn leaves fell, Joiha was graced by T-ara’s choice of our Jelly Galaxy headphones—an accolade of pop culture prestige. And as winter’s chill set in, we grappled with the eternal artisan’s dilemma: profit versus quality. Our decision? To pursue the exquisite, crafting keycaps of such quality that they merited Deskthority’s “Best Artisan Keycap” award, all while nurturing our philanthropic roots by supporting the noble cause of Unbound.


01/2017 – Another raffle for charity to kick off the Lunar New Year. We raised $1329 for Unbound from the ‘Oasis Keycap raffle‘. This acted as a New Year gift from the mechanical keyboard community and Jelly Key.

This was also the time when we can take a moment and review the past year of 2016. It was a challenging yet fascinating year for us to learn from the basics to launch our first products, to overcome difficulties in design, production, customer services, website development, shipping, and many more.

02/2017 – Jelly Key is Jelly Key. During this time, there had been a rumor spreading throughout the redditsphere, that we are “just a money-making scam” and have “no appreciation for the community”. This rumor was hurting what we’re standing for so we had to clarify that we are not a scam, nor K3KC, and have no relation in any form whatsoever with K3KC.

We stand for artisanal keyboard products that go through a creative process exclusive made by the Jelly Key team. We strive every day to innovate, improve, and create innovative artisan concepts for keycaps that can inspire the community.

03/2017 – One year of learning. Up to this point, we have learned so much about creating a piece of art on a small area of a keycap. So we wanted to try something new and focus on artisan mechanical keyboard case, wrist rest, scrupled keycap. We’re determined to show more brilliant designs and our ability to manage the material inside the keycap.

March 2017 was also Jelly Key’s first birthday! To celebrate us turning 1, we had organized a series of activities from March 13 to March 18, 2017, which included giveaways, raffles for charity, bidding, and releasing new and cool stuff. We’re thankful for a great team of legacy artists to idea booming newcomer innovators that always put their heart and soul into their work.

04/2017 – Our first close-down. During these months of 2017, our team had faced many critical issues. After countless heavy debates, we had to announce that Jelly Key would be shutting down the studio.

05/2017 – Jelly Key birthday card & how we made it. Our birthday card was especially in calligraphy handwriting. We stand for handcrafted product, so we think it is essential to write our dear customers a birthday wish with pen and ink. Every birthday card was a unique one, individually customized with their names on it.

07/2017 – Dealing with more challenges. This time they were late shipment, defective keycap, and issue with miscommunication of customer support. We needed to pay more attention to the operation of the Jelly Key as a team. We made mistakes and learned from them by staying and keeping Jelly Key alive to gain back the trust of our fans.


01/2018 – A surprise gift for Jelly Key’s friends. We’re having many new crazy ideas this year and keeping on a good track with designing and crafting. While working on Jelly Key’s 2018 plan, we had an overview discussion of the past year and how we’re deeply grateful for our customers’ precious support. So we sent a valuable surprise gift to our five lucky fans – a business class ticket on our spaceship, and the destination is Mars!

03/2018 – Jelly Key 2nd Birthday Party. We took a look back at our past mistakes and what we did to resolve the problems. Human resources, late shipment, QC failures, or misunderstanding due to language barrier. These would not get us down as we’re committed to taking responsibility for our mistakes. We also kept improving our work every day and renewing our designs with fresh ideas to make custom keycaps that could break through the boundaries between imagination and reality.

07/2018 – Desires of Jelly Key makers: Michael Nguyen & Stephen Ngo. Our designer, Michael Nguyen, the spirit of creativity with all the brilliant ideas of Jelly Key keycap designs; and Stephen Ngo, our clever artist that has a good grasp of knowing materials and components. They’ve been working together since the day Jelly Key was first established until now. This amazing duo took part in making Jelly Key the unique pioneer in crafting keycap with amazing inner sculptures, the mystic universe, constellations, or natural sight.

08/2018 – Jelly Key new website system ‘soft’ direction. We launched a new website system direction with 3 important updates that could enhance our customer experience. They were order status, support center, and speed & security of the new website.

11/2018 – Another website update. We added Sucuri Pro in the middle of our website and Cloudflare for better DDoS Prevention & security for visitors & users.

11/2018 – Jelly Key team charity trip. We took a visit to a local town located in a highland province in Vietnam to support the villagers with food and other necessities. The whole trip was a beautiful memory where our Jelly Key team had the chance to gather and do what’s good for our community.

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