we are Jelly Key

We used to admire the little boys who build sandy castles on the beach. It took them hours to carefully finish each door, gate, wall, to attach each snail shell to the project. But just a wave comes, the castle is gone. The miracle thing is, in the next morning, other castles will be established again. With many years’ experience in audio industry, our team realize that we can do much more than we assume if not being afraid of failure.

Thanks to that motivation, we have overcame a lot of challenges during working, from Accessories and Supplies, material issues to negative feedbacks for our earliest demos. Later do we put efforts to solve problems in the more and more appropriate way.

research & development

30% of Expenditure of Joiha is used for re-investing into researching new products which has good quality and to be more eco-friend.

To us, creativity never sleeps. So it’s our job to constantly build more and more keycaps in many forms and unique ways to keep up with your satisfaction. Ever since the beginning of Jelly Key, we have created a total of 103 keycap series, with 67 sold-outs on the dot. To achieve this, our team has gone through a long ride with extensive research and brainstorming to eventually generate the ideas. Piece by piece, we put them together, polish them, and deliver them to you. Inspiration is all around us, so why not assemble and cast it into something that fits your fingers?

product quality

Select high-standard items
Say “No” to toxic chemicals to human beings
Products have durability
Those are Joiha’s first priorities

fine art design

To optimize products is not only about beautiful appearance but also convenience. That additionally needs to bring customer effectiveness and be packaged in the simplest design. Each keycap here is the brainchild of our Jelly Key artists, meticulously crafted with patience, intricacy, and a touch of aesthetic pleasure. An awe-inspiring visual experience is another offer we can give when you receive a Jelly Key product.

Today world is the world of Technology. Smartphones, tablets, wireless Internet and other high-tech devices have brought humans to be nearly at the online status of online 24/7. That may cause people lack of concentration, which negatively affects our creativity.

Because of it, using DIY (do-it-yourself) and handmade products is a way to help us escape from the illusive world. By them, we can feel the real life due to significant attention that paid by artisans and maintain our born human creativity.

Let see… In a technology world where mass products are everywhere, more and more people want to own something unique with human-related character put in.

Is that the reason why hand-made gifts are produced? And don’t you want to live in a world where you can hold wonder between your fingers?

“The majority of customers are picky. They require innovation but are afraid of huge changes. Sometimes minor improvements can ease them. However, exclusive change is greatly crucial for a product.”

Come along, ride with us. Let us take you to a magnificent world that lives right in front of you every day, right on your mechanical keyboards.

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