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Ready to welcome keycaps on their way to the new homes

We will close this month with a series of good news. We can proudly say that all keycaps in collections: Zen Pond IV – God’s creation, Cosmos series: Astronaut odyssey, and Retro TV series – Disco hustle have finished their most crucial steps and are on their way to new homes. Firstly, the final batch […]

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Ding dong! our keycaps have arrived at your doorstep

Finally, our first batch of Zen Pond IV and Cyborg Snails have reached new homes. Our team has received lots of feedback from our valued customers. Through awesome pictures from these feedbacks, we really feel how excited all of you are. It is such a great encouragement for our team to work more efficiently. In

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How to join the raffle / Làm sao để tham gia raffle?

Hi guys! Now, we’d like to explain more details about the raffle event as follows: Firstly, we show how to join the raffle. All you need to do is filling the information on the Jelly Key website (we always input the link that drives you to the form in the introduction of the raffle event

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Latest Production Updates and A Surprise!

As months have passed, it’s time to keep up with the production status of these three collections: Dragons of Eden: East Sea’s guardians, Born of forest – It listens, and Cyborg snail artisan keycaps. Let’s get started! We are about to finish the collection Dragons of Eden: East Sea’s guardians. On the same note, the

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[Charity] Donate to Vietnam’s COVID-19 vaccine fund

Today we are delighted to announce the raffle result Arcade cabinets – Ageless console version! We held this raffle to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. Your contribution is precious, and it’s heart-warming to see you as a part of our core values to support and do what’s right for the community. So on

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