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Let ‘s make it clear

Jelly Key is a small group under the Joiha company. A company means that tax has to be paid on every penny we earn. We also buy insurance for every member on the team. We take care of every person who works with us. Because Joiha is a company, we take full responsibility upon our products. We want to take care of the community, and help it grow as well, with innovative ideas, uniqueness and creativity. We hold raffles for the community, such as giving the community money for their meetups. Giving away a keycap is easy, but we want to go the extra mile and serve for more people. We are responsible for the concerns of the community.

With the recent groupbuy, there was a post on reddit about the Enter the Stars SA keycap being wobbly. If your keycap seems wobbly, you can adjust your stabiliser to align it, The unaligned problem usually happens with SA keycaps because they are high-profile, and they easily move around. If the keycap is loose on the stem, try putting a tape or plastic wrap in between the stem and stem insert, to ensure a tight fit.

About the products we have, we always offer a one for one exchange of keycaps for return. You can take our Constellation Line 2 as an example. We didn’t ask for the products to be sent back, and it caused us to resolve the after market trading of the defected product. We are one of the few artisans who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

We have plenty of products, and one defected product does not influence the other products that we create. We receive complaints about our products for every effort that we have done in the past first year. This is an artisan product, and it varies from piece to piece. If you happen to see that the product is defected, you can contact us. We are more happy to discuss the issue with you. About the quality of our products, our team members test it in a strict manner and coordination. They are human and mistakes can happen.

However, we take full responsibility for that. That is what we stand for.

We exchange a lot of conversation with our customers. We have had 4,000+ responses just for this year in regarding to customer inquiries. Because of this, mistakes will happen, but we always want to ensure a happy buying experience. We are based in Vietnam where English is not our first language, so we apologise for the language barrier mishap that happens sometimes.

Side note: Recently someone is DDOS’ing our servers. This will not affect customer service however. We are just curious to why people would do such things \_(-.-)/ .

** We have seen posts about the Enter the Stars keys and realise that there is a problem. We acknowledge it and apologize, but we do not yet know how many keys are affected. If you have an issue with them, please contact Massdrop. They will notify us of how many, and we will made replacements to fix the problem. Once we know how many there are, we will let everyone know here and on our website when you can expect it to

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