We are late. We are sorry - Shipping

We are late. We are sorry

We are late! We are so sorry for any inconvenience

4 of our team members had left the team for pursuit their own project around 3 weeks ago. They happened to keep a crucial position on processing the surface of the keycap.

We are in short of resource, the rest of them team is trying to cover the missing manpower but there are too many things on the dishes of each of us. Don’t worry our core members are still with us, the creativity generator is still here with us.

We don’t want to push up the production process, which could affect the quality of the keycap. It’s important to us, and we know it is important to you as well.

We are regret to inform you that the shipment has to delay until the next 3-4 weeks. It includes Oasis, Raindance, Guardian of the East. Infinite Abyss and Minion Orc are late for 5 days (20+5 days after your order).

This is the first time the delay of the shipment because of our internal team. It’s because of our bad planning with 4 people left the team.

We are truly sorry for the delay and sorry for causing you this trouble.

If you happen to want a refund, kindly contact us via jelly.key@joiha.com with 5 days. (April 11-April 16). Thank you.

If you decide to stay with us in this tough time, we don’t know how to express our gratitude but thank you for your understanding.

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