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Dragons Of Eden Enter:backspace:shift Artisan Keycaps 00525

Weekly Update – A busy week with Zen Pond II

Jelly Key is back after a busy week with Zen Pond II, thank you so much for your love for our keycap this time. With the unexpected participation in the group buy, the Zen Pond team will try our best to finish all the keycaps in the shortest possible time and deliver it to you. […]

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Weekly update: Bring the coral world to you? Why not?

Hello, our valued customers and friends! Today except for continuing updating about Jelly Key’s activities, as usual, we’d like to inform you a piece of interesting information about our amazing new products!  This is the launch of Atlantis Coral artisan keycaps Collection. Today we start to sell the products in this collection after a thorough


Next flagship sale and price explanantion

With this kind of small run, the cost needs to be rise to cover the initial development cost. It may be our lost, or it may be our gain. If thing goes well, and we are able to produce more, the price of this product in the next sale will be lower.


Flagship sale & another group-buy

I do apologize for any inconvenience that causes you, but eventually, we have a lively moment both “negatively”e and “positively.” I think this is very common in this community, and it is why we enjoy of staying with this hobby.


Our flagship sale

As you may know, we created many prototypes and chose some of those prototypes for pre-order (group buy). You and we know that it is not an effective way to maintain our creativity activities since we created something that is unusual.

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