Jelly Original Droplet (JOD profile)

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Creativity is an endless work

At Jelly Key, 24 hours per day seems not enough as our artists always think of the most fabulous idea for exquisite artwork to fulfil customers’ desires. It not only comes in a character of a new collection but also comes in small things such as sizes or profiles. After long days from drafting up ideas to working on production, we proudly introduce a new profile that fits all sizes: a Droplet profile.

jellykey droplet profiles 002

Never forget our customer’s experience

You used to be familiar with the most common keycap profiles such as SA, OEM, and Cherry, … But now you have one more updated size to your keycap collection, it is called Droplet. Why do we name it Droplet? It is simply because the design looks like a water-drop shape which can contain all details inside. Also, there is a circle and a curve to best describe the spherical mirror effect. It seems that we only focus on design to bring a gorgeous outlook for keycap but we actually take the experience of using this keycap profile into consideration. That’s why there is not a big difference between a Droplet keycap and other keycaps standing next to it if you have a Droplet on your keyboard.

jellykey droplet profiles 001

A hidden story behind the new profile

It is the story of water! Water represents movement and continuous flow, also known as our continuous work for creativity. Water also brings a feeling of vitality and purity that refresh our mind from life’s anxiety. Every time we softly touch the keycap, we can be able to feel a deep connection to nature. You may think it is exaggerated but this water-inspired design is our hope of spreading out the power of being near “blue spaces” where you are happy, calm and well-being.

We feel it and hope you all feel it too!

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