Jelly Key’s update of previous Groupbuy(s) & Hearsay

This is a very Jelly Key update, and we are back with a stable team for quality product as well as stable production. Here is what is going on in the past few months and we would like to share with you.


Weekly Update July 10 2017

Thanks you for your patience. We would like to update with you the status of all of our Current Group Buy, and previous Group Buy. 

TL;DR: Due to the problem with ChinaDivision (fulfillment vendor in China): package lost and mess up with the tracking. We have to re-produce and recall our package, which lead to delay on shipment again for some of you. (read more about this problem here)


Weekly report June 2017

All of the keycap has been shipped out of Jelly Key Studio Kindly expect these few things, since this is the first time we use this fulfillment center. You expect to receive more than one package (tracking code) for one order (order has more than 2 products)

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