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Here is what you don’t see

Rooster Emblem, Enter the Stars, and Trass and Lava. For Rooster Emblem and Enter the Stars, these are unfinished products. It has some small defect, and we removed those keycaps right after getting it from the mold. You can see how many Golden Rooster has to be sacrificed to get 20.

artisan product

“Trass and Lava” is all finished product in good condition and fully functional. However the visual effect of the Red (Lava) and Trass (smoke) doesn’t as well as the prototype. Thus we had to remake the whole order. What you see is what we didn’t send to customer.

We don’t mean to say that the process is perfect, we just want to let you guys know that we take the quality of the product seriously. Jelly Key is an artisan product and handcrafted by our team. A human does not design to be perfect, it makes them learn and improve.

So if you happen to get some undesirable product, kindly contact our distributor or our team. As long as we both feel it is a fair deal, we will replace your keycap(s) with the new one.

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