Website update 1.2

We have just added Sucuri Pro in the middle of our website and Cloudflare for better DDoS Prevention & security for visitors & users. Some Sucuri WAF feature: Instantly Block Hackers DDoS Mitigation and Prevention Virtual Patching and Hardening Malware & Blacklists scanner Prevent Zero-Day Exploits They also have performance optimize but I …

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Shipment update: Having the last wait for Natural Metaphors’ tracking code

Had anyone got a seasickness on board, Jelly Key’s sailors? Good news for you, we’re about to reach mainland. You and Jelly Key had rowed our boats so hard together, thank you our friends, for your patience and help. We have started shipping the first log since July 10th . Other ships …

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About Jelly Key Support Channel

It was in 2016 that Jelly Key’s first established, this means the little JK guy has been serving you for almost 2 years, and we’d love to share with you what Jelly Key support service has been achieving till now.

Do you know about one on one replacement policy?

We have been practiced this policy since day one. At some point, we handled it very well, and fast, at some point, we failed due to communication issues.However, we just want to remind you that, you can always send us an email with seven days you receive the keycap.

Jelly Key end of year review

Though, the universe is gigantic. There are too many elements to a universe, which would be difficult to package into a single keycap, so we introduced the Nebula series, which had four keycaps. Each artisan has something special inside of them. Diamonds, crystals, and quartz.