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  • Purchasing Jelly Key Artisan Keycap is now easier

    We changed the domain of to It because we received some feedback from community about how hard it is to purchase our Artisan Keycap. We admit that it quite inconvenience…

  • Replacement for some Mediterranean

    Cut to the chase, there are a few dozen keycap with SKU: AKJK-MBR-2 are out of our studio and they are not Backlit (the wall of the keycap is too thick for…

  • Summarize – The Forbidden Realm Giveaway

    We have made 3 prototypes of The Forbidden Realm and gave away all of them. We got many answers for the questions that we stated in our give away. Those answer is…

  • Weekly Update July 10 2017

    Hi friends, Thanks you for your patience. We would like to update with you the status of all of our Current Group Buy, and previous Group Buy. TL;DR: Due to the problem…

  • Fulfillment service stops responding to Jelly Key

    We lost a package of around 200 keycaps, due to the irresponsibility of ChinaDivision (a fulfillment service in China) It has been around three weeks, and ChinaDivision hasn’t given us a solid…

  • I am Patrick. It’s my responsibility to speak up

    Thanks for your support until now, and your feedback from day one. As you may know, there are a lot of things are going on for the past few months at Jelly Key and with Jelly Key team. Such as late shipment, defected keycap, and issue with miscommunication of customer support and you name it.

  • Weekly report June 2017

    All of the keycap has been shipped out of Jelly Key Studio Kindly expect these few things, since this is the first time we use this fulfillment center. You expect to receive more than one package (tracking code) for one order (order has more than 2 products)

  • Wait for your Guardian of the East to come

    After a thousand years of hibernating, Guardian of The East army is rising. They spread around the world to guard human being from the evil force.Be ready, Guardian of the East is coming to protect you. Be patience, be respectful, they will be by your sides and fight with you until the last breath.

  • Next flagship sale and price explanantion

    With this kind of small run, the cost needs to be rise to cover the initial development cost. It may be our lost, or it may be our gain. If thing goes well, and we are able to produce more, the price of this product in the next sale will be lower.

  • What new? June 2017

    The haft year of 2017 has come to an end, and the new one is about to start. Besides updating with you about group buy status, delivery time, which is pretty much boring and exhausting. We would like to update with you news about our new designs as well as improvement in packaging quality and new keycap stem design.

  • Free Vacation in Mediterranean Beach Resort

    Free Vacation in Mediterranean Beach Resort. Full package for you and your loved one, first class services. Simple rule: You only need to comment a random number from 1-999. What will be the next big thing for Artisan Keycap? 

  • It’s worth the wait!

    Oasis is being packed. Your long waited keycap(s) is about to leave our studio all at once.
    It would take us this weekend to package all of the keycap. Then we will send it to fulfillment facility, which would take around 10 days to arrive at fulfillment service in US and China. 

At Jelly Key, we never sell anything twice. Join this one-time group-buy of "RetroTV series – Fly to the moon keycap"