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retro tv series – life on planets artisan keycap 074

[GIVEAWAY] Retro TV series – Life on planets prototype

Giveaway result The giveaway for our brand new collection of Retro TV series – Life on planets artisan keycaps has started! Join now to get the chance of winning a free mini TV in this stunning collection. You’ll be to watch the universe of the Moon and Mars through its special TV screen. Getting […]

Artwork 8bit Artisan Keycaps 2

[GIVEAWAY] 8bits series teaser

000000010000001000000011 … we’re trying to count in another language here if you don’t mind. But if you do, let’s get a little more nostalgic. If you’re a lucky kid, we’re sure you can still recall the very first time you ever held your NES console that just felt so too good to be true. That

Jelly Key Resin Keycap 00984

A busy week after the break

Hello our dearest friends, Jelly Key is finally back to work after the long holiday loaded with joy from the new year, and we hope you are too! Regarding the Cosmo 2 Team, the remaining keycaps will be completed after February 15 and quickly delivered to you. As for the Zen Pond 2 Team, with

Artisan Keycaps Marker 00228

Weekly Update – Dragon team is working day and night

Hello guys, We wish you a new month with lots of energy, health and happiness. You must be very excited now because our Cosmo is on the way to your house. We have received lots of positive feedbacks from our customers and we are very happy for that. Dragon team is working day and night, rushing

Zen Pond Resin Enter Keycaps

Weekly update: July – Zen Pond – 12 hours per day

Hello our dearest customers. How is your summer vacation? We hope that you are having a great time with your family and friends. We have some very exciting updates for you on this lovely July: Our Retro TV team has completed and packaged all the products. Same as Retro TV Team, Artifacts series Seasonal terraced field

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