Hello, fellow keycap lovers! We are delighted to give you another update on our current delivery and production progress of Jelly Key products. Today’s blog covers the latest updates on 3 keycap series: 8-bit, Butterscotch Planet, and Zen Pond III. Let’s get started!

8-bit, Butterscotch, and Zen Pond III, how are they doing?

our keycaps are purely handcrafted by talented artisans, since late 2015

Imagine, you like cooking, you practise with raw ingredients and try to find out the best way to combine them into a good dish. You might don’t success at the first time, most of them don’t really have a nice taste, look like mug sometimes and even your dog dislikes it. But through trials and errors, it finally tasted delicious, looked yummy and most the important point is; it satisfied you. Your ego…

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