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A high quality handcraft keycap that will turn your every day routine into a colorful journey.

The dreams tell us about the Eden that no where you can seize the rainbows that fall next to you, blast the glow and dye out the whole garden. Where the Celestial harmonies sung by the Sylvanus that lulled us to sleep everyday and night. We used to get lost in a Fuchsia grove and just calmly let our feet follow the lead of tiny Nymphs.  Or watch the Sirens played music in a purest pond. But usually we forget what we dreamt the nights before, don’t we? So those memories appeared and blurred behind the opaque glass window in front of us in the morning and gone like a dandelion petal. We all don’t know whereabouts are all those memories destination. We don’t really know.


Desires of Jelly Key makers: Michael Nguyen & Stephen Ngo

Our designer, Michael Nguyen, the spirit of creative, he’s the one with the ideal of must always to give brilliant ideas of Jelly Key keycap designs. Beside him, Stephen Ngo, is our clever artist that has a good grasp of knowing materials and components. They’ve been working together since the day Jelly Key was first established until now. 


It was in 2016 that Jelly Key’s first established, this means the little JK guy has been serving you for almost 2 years, and we’d love to share with you what Jelly Key support service has been achieving till now.

You can look at the charts - measured by our Satisfied Conversation Rating app and we’ll tell you what is it.

20180105 - Joiha - HCM - Product - TV retro keycap 023.jpg

This is where we share the photo of Jelly Key owner. the place where you can see a hand on photo of Jelly Key product as well as experience of it's owner.

We did a small survey this month and our customers were very happy with the improvement in quality and QC for our recent group-buys. You can see some pictures from our dear customers on My Jelly. See you in our next group-buy!


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