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[Raffle sale] Untouched By Civilization – Verdant Vanguard

Join us every Tuesday and be ready for the raffle form to open at 11 PM, GMT+7. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay updated and not miss out on the raffle event.

Artifact Series – Savanna artisan keycaps

In the heart of the highlands of Northwest Vietnam, Mù Căng Chải stands as a living legend with its terraced fields etched deep into the mountainsides, creating a vast and majestic ink-wash painting that is both grand and gentle. These fields symbolise the human spirit of patience, diligence, and wisdom in conquering nature and heritage, bearing witness to a long and rich history. The terraced fields, formed over thousands of years, are intertwined with the history and culture of the Hmong people, who are the majority in this region.

Crystal Veil Series – Space Odyssey artisan keycaps

In 2032, at the Artemis Space Atmosphere Station, the sunlight was gleaming through the windows, casting its warm golden glow upon a group of astronauts gathered in a spacious meeting room…

Unforgettable Journey: Jelly Key’s First Participation in Meetup

Greetings to all keyboard enthusiasts and fans of artisan keycaps! Today, we are delighted to share our unforgettable journey as Jelly Key, marking our first-ever participation in the VAC (Viet Artisan Community) Meetup…

Arcade Cabinets series – Stand boy art toy

Introducing our versatile Magnetic Stand Boy Holder from the Arcade Cabinets 3.0: Virtual Frontier collection. This meticulously handcrafted holder is designed to showcase a 1u keycap, adding an exquisite touch to your desk setup…

My Jelly

At Jelly Key, we revel in presenting our exquisite artisan keycaps brought to life through the lens of our discerning clientele. Peruse our esteemed collection and behold the artful craftsmanship and singular designs that distinguish our custom keycaps. Allow these masterpieces to inspire the curation of your keyboard ensemble.

Since 2015, our skilled artisans have been handcrafting artisan keycaps with exceptional attention to detail. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support.

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