arcade cabinets 2.0 keycaps

This group-buy will be closed on 12/2/2020, and please remember that we don’t run any group-buy again. 6 keycaps per order & the bundle will be free shipping. The Monochrome keycap not for sales, and only a gift for the bundle.



Today we would like to sincerely explain why our products are taking longer than expected to deliver, as we understand that it is difficult for you to wait so long for your purchased keycaps.

recent delays in shipment Why and How?

let’s go back to the beginning, to the origin of our core philosophy: artisanship. we will discover the depth of this word, to understand why it plays a vital role in everything we do.

and most importantly, in how we make artisan keycaps at Jelly Key.

what is artisan keycaps?

latest update on package redesigning

all Jelly Key artisan keycaps

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