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The next Nebula project

We just wanted to show you one of the ideas that our creative designer has been thinking about. They are inspired by the Nebula series that we showed last year, and we wanted to explore how much more we could do in our designs. Please keep in mind that is just an idea in development.…

Technical Update

Hi friends, From now on we will publish a blog article about our technical update. It has been a year since, we moved back and forth between Shopify (Advance) and Squarespace (Online Store Advance), and we decided we need to move to Wordpress. Wordpress CMS offers us a powerful and flexible solution; we can also…

Let’s the war begin!

It's time for Minion Orc army to take over the realm. After Rooster army left their nest, Minion Orc army marches to join the battle to define the ruler of the Jelly Realm. Who is going to join the battle? Sidenote: Golden Rooster Emblem was shipped yesterday. Around 20 lucky Jelly Fan will receive it.

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