cherry circle of life

Stay with us as we’ll be releasing more wondrous keycaps to your imagination. For all Jelly Key fans, this launch is going to break a lot of our records. Let us ask you some questions. You’re worried the size won’t fit your desired key? You don’t have enough color options to choose from last time? Or you miss the group-buy as there weren’t many keycaps to extend the group-buy? Say no more, we can take it from here. Now sit back, relax, and let your imagination swim to the beyond.

At Jelly Key, we try to put our hearts in every little thing we do, as we believe that’s how masterpieces are made. With that in mind, the boxes that carry your keycaps also matter to us, to a great extent. The stories behind them can never be a dull moment, even for the way of containing them, this we can promise you!

latest update on package redesigning

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