Weekly update: It’s a sweet announcement!

We’ll start shipping the Confectionary Woods this Saturday and finish shipping them around in the middle of next week, same to the Frozen Realms Artisan keycap series. So… the winter will come to you in…Winter.

Swift news: New products On Offer

Our traditional group-buy is always a one-off group-buy – usually opens in 4-7 days, and we never rerun it. We’ll start shipping your orders 60-70 days after the group buy had closed. This our new sale way will help you wait less; we’ll begin to shipping 20 days after your order has completed. And the artisan keycap you need is available when you click ‘Add to cart”.

Jelly charity fund

To those who stayed with Jelly Key from 2016, thank you so much for supporting us! Jelly key is a small team consisting of different skills and talents. We are so pleased to have our work praised in so many ways. It encourages us to strive, and do better. We also apologise for the many mishaps along the way, but it’s thanks to the community for pointing it out to us, so that we can learn from our mistakes, and improve to create a better product.