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[Raffle sale] The Dream Walkers squad – Arctic Mist

Join us every Saturday and be ready for the raffle form to open at 11 PM, GMT+7. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay updated and not miss out on the raffle event.

Timber Haven artisan keycaps Groupbuy

Introducing our latest collection, featuring four unique designs, each inspired by the beauty of the four seasons. With these designs, we aim to foster a greater appreciation for the wonders of nature, including water, trees, and everything that surrounds us.

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity! The group buy will be closing on 6/11/2023, and please note that we do not rerun any group buys. Each order allows for six keycaps, and the best part is that all collections come with free shipping.


[Prototype] The Art of Chess: A keycap series with a timeless theme

Prepare to elevate your chess skills to the next level, as a monumental battle is about to unfold. Our latest keycap collection, which takes inspiration from the timeless game of chess, is on the verge of being released.

Stay tuned for an awe-inspiring reveal that will leave you wanting more. Beware, this is not a venture for those lacking in courage.

Jelly Original Droplet

At Jelly Key, 24 hours per day seems not enough as our artists always think of the most fabulous idea for exquisite artwork to fulfil customers’ desires. It not only comes in a character of a new collection but also comes in small things such as sizes or profiles. After long days from drafting up ideas to working on production, we proudly introduce a new profile that fits all sizes: a Droplet profile.

Email me when you open raffle sales.

See you weekly Saturday, and raffle form will open at 11h PM, GMT+7.

Jelly Key artisan keycaps

Discover the artistry and craftsmanship behind every Jelly Key artisan keycap. Our core philosophy values the skill, creativity, and expertise that go into producing unique and exquisite handmade keycaps. Join our monthly group-buy or weekly raffle sale to get your hands on our one-of-a-kind keycaps, including novelty options like spacebar, enter, and ESC keycaps.

My Jelly

Here at Jelly Key, we love showcasing our artisan keycaps in action with real-life photos from our satisfied customers. Browse through our collection to see the beautiful craftsmanship and unique designs of our custom keycaps, and get inspired for your own keyboard setup.

Our artisan keycaps are crafted entirely by hand with meticulous attention to detail by our talented team of artisans. We’re grateful for your continued support since 2015.

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