Mediterranean Beach Resort upgrades its facility

To cope with the high demand of summer holiday request, the resort adds four more room options. The stem is a new stem design from Jelly Key

160711 Keycap House 20.jpg

Our new stem design

This is the stem of the keycap. This stem is more flexible and more durable than before and will be used in the making process of Mediterranean Beach Resort keycap and forward.

** Please note that this is not a hybrid steam, it is Cherry MX stem. Kindly check this design for your preference about the stem design.

How long does it take to complete a masterpiece we call “jelly key artisan keycap”? 

Artisan 30.jpg

Working calendar

Artisan news

This is where we share the photo of Jelly Key owner. the place where you can see a hand on photo of Jelly Key product as well as experience of it's owner.