What is artisan keycaps (custom keycaps)?

let’s go back to the beginning, to the origin of our core philosophy: artisanship. we will discover the depth of this word, to understand why it plays a vital role in everything we do.

and most importantly, in how we make artisan keycaps at Jelly Key.

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With its other lexical forms, the word itself has an exciting use throughout the centuries, dating back to the Medieval Period. During such times, “artisan” was used to call those who made things or provided services with virtuosity; and with that being said, it’s not applied to unskilled manual workers. You can now take on board a long-established fact here; the term depicts an essential element to the context where we can use only when skill, creativity, expertise, or any other recognized values added to the items are shown. Generic efforts can’t be involved here as it requires no specialized training or ability to produce something.

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Another subject to be taken into account when correctly reading the term lies in its human-centered principle. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, artisan means someone who does skilled work with their hands. And that is just one definition. The other four meanings all involve the particular part of working with hands, regardless of its different lexicon. This bit and the whole term altogether represent our core value as to create only exquisite handcrafting products for you – artisan keycaps.

Now we can add this to our world of Jelly Key, the place where you can find custom keycaps made with exceptional delicacy through our miracle artists’ hands. Our goal is not only to create protective covers for your mechanical keyboards but also to produce joy-filled artisan keycaps as a daily source of your creativity boost. If you’re going to be working, you might as well work with serious motivation, right? Where is the idea, where is the inspiration for you and us? You’d ask. The answer is, my dear, it is in everything around us.

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