One year of learning

This year we want to focus on artisan mechanical keyboard case, wrist rest, scrupled keycap. From the beginning of this year, we have introduced Rooster Emblem, Guardian of the East, Minion Orc as well as code name projects like Zephyr, Trinity and Serenity Don't worry. 

Pandora’s Box

The box is made of two CNC aluminum pieces and put together. The window is a clear glass, which allows you to see your precious keycap inside. The surface of the box is anode processed.

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The Rooster Army is marching!

According to the timeline, we are ahead of schedule for two weeks. The packages will be shipped out within this week. Expectedly, North America will receive packages first, since we have just changed our shipping carrier. Asia Pacific and Euro are following. 

The Wingnut

We, Jelly Key - a small group of artisan, would love to extend our appreciation toward mechanical keyboard communities from all around the world for your support. A thank you for Deskthority for holding this award, and lastly, thank Clack Factory for making this iconic keycap.

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Jelly Key is Jelly Key

There are many artisan creators in America, Canada, etc... Why relate Jelly Key and K3KC just because we are in Vietnam? We wanted to post this urgently since there are many bad rumours generated about us out there.

Happy New Year - Year of Rooster

Year of Rooster is about to come. Our team is cleaning up the studio, packing our stuff and driving back to our family. We wish you have a great time with your family and friends as well. Let make family time great again.

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