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Here is where we share our enthusiasm for mechanical keyboard, our love for creating best artisan keycap.
Our devoted for communities activities, as well as a place for us to express our thought.

The next Nebula project

We just wanted to show you one of the ideas that our creative designer has been thinking about. They are inspired by the Nebula series that we showed last year, and we wanted to explore how much more we could do in our designs. Please keep in mind that is just an idea in development.…

Technical Update

Hi friends, From now on we will publish a blog article about our technical update. It has been a year since, we moved back and forth between Shopify (Advance) and Squarespace (Online Store Advance), and we decided we need to move to Wordpress. Wordpress CMS offers us a powerful and flexible solution; we can also…

Let’s the war begin!

It's time for Minion Orc army to take over the realm. After Rooster army left their nest, Minion Orc army marches to join the battle to define the ruler of the Jelly Realm. Who is going to join the battle? Sidenote: Golden Rooster Emblem was shipped yesterday. Around 20 lucky Jelly Fan will receive it.

Let ‘s make it clear

Jelly Key is a small group under the Joiha company. A company means that tax has to be paid on every penny we earn. We also buy insurance for every member on the team. We take care of every person who works with us. Because Joiha is a company, we take full responsibility upon our…

We are late. We are sorry

We are late! We are so sorry for any inconvenience 4 of our team members had left the team for pursuit their own project around 3 weeks ago. They happened to keep a crucial position on processing the surface of the keycap. We are in short of resource, the rest of them team is trying…

It’s your turn to Enter the Star

The spaceship whiz as it left the earth’s surface. He turned and saw the earth getting smaller and smaller. He knows that it the earth wont be the same when he comes back. But with hope and joy, JK sets the spacecraft at it’s full speed toward the stars. Now it is your turn, get ready and start your journey to explore the universe!

It’s time to say goodbye.

The team will be fine as we have submitted out CVs and sent it to several local companies. Hopefully these jobs can help us bring food to our table. 

One year of learning

This year we want to focus on artisan mechanical keyboard case, wrist rest, scrupled keycap. From the beginning of this year, we have introduced Rooster Emblem, Guardian of the East, Minion Orc as well as code name projects like Zephyr, Trinity and Serenity Don’t worry. 

[Raffle for Community] Jelly Cake

In this raffle we have to remove 19 people from the list, due to a significant amount of order for 1 ticket. We said earlier that your system is stupid, and manually categorized the data took a lot of our time. Hope you understand us.

Pandora’s Box

The box is made of two CNC aluminum pieces and put together. The window is a clear glass, which allows you to see your precious keycap inside. The surface of the box is anode processed.

You are invited to Jelly Key’s first birthday!

It has been a year since the first time we made our first keycap. We gave ourself a name, and it was Jelly Key. For us, Jelly Key is our child. A child that was born from the love of creating art annd making things with our hands. This little toddler can now walk 10 steps without tripping! This kid is growing so fast!

This is how Jelly Key making profit

This arm belonged to one of our scientist, whom accidentally infected while he was working in the lab. He had to chop off his arm, and we immediately put his arm into N2O to prevent any biohazard may happen.

The Rooster Army is marching!

According to the timeline, we are ahead of schedule for two weeks. The packages will be shipped out within this week. Expectedly, North America will receive packages first, since we have just changed our shipping carrier. Asia Pacific and Euro are following. 

The Wingnut

We, Jelly Key – a small group of artisan, would love to extend our appreciation toward mechanical keyboard communities from all around the world for your support. A thank you for Deskthority for holding this award, and lastly, thank Clack Factory for making this iconic keycap.

[Raffle for Charity] Honored Samurai & Charming Mermaid

The winner of this raffle will receive their gift and everyone who participated in this raffle – you not only have gotten the chance to receive, but you have most definitely given for a good cause!

Jelly Key is Jelly Key

There are many artisan creators in America, Canada, etc… Why relate Jelly Key and K3KC just because we are in Vietnam? We wanted to post this urgently since there are many bad rumours generated about us out there.

Happy New Year – Year of Rooster

Year of Rooster is about to come. Our team is cleaning up the studio, packing our stuff and driving back to our family. We wish you have a great time with your family and friends as well. Let make family time great again.

[Raffle for Charity] A New Year Gift of Mechanical Keyboard Community and Jelly Key

The winner of this raffle will receive their gift and everyone who participated in this raffle – you not only have gotten the chance to receive, but you have most definitely given for a good cause!

Jelly Key end of year review

Though, the universe is gigantic. There are too many elements to a universe, which would be difficult to package into a single keycap, so we introduced the Nebula series, which had four keycaps. Each artisan has something special inside of them. Diamonds, crystals, and quartz.

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