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Wait for your Guardian of the East to come

After a thousand years of hibernating, Guardian of The East army is rising. They spread around the world to guard human being from the evil force.Be ready, Guardian of the East is coming to protect you. Be patience, be respectful, they will be by your sides and fight with you until the last breath.


Next flagship sale and price explanantion

With this kind of small run, the cost needs to be rise to cover the initial development cost. It may be our lost, or it may be our gain. If thing goes well, and we are able to produce more, the price of this product in the next sale will be lower.


The next Nebula project

We just wanted to show you one of the ideas that our creative designer has been thinking about. They are inspired by the Nebula series that we showed last year, and we wanted to explore how much more we could …

The next Nebula project

guardian keycap

Guardian of the East keycap

Our recent inspiration for our newest keycap is the Imperial Guardian Lion. The symbol originated in China around the Han Dynasty, and they were statues that traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial Palaces, Imperial Tombs, Government offices, Temples, and …

Guardian of the East keycap


Jelly Key end of year review

Though, the universe is gigantic. There are too many elements to a universe, which would be difficult to package into a single keycap, so we introduced the Nebula series, which had four keycaps. Each artisan has something special inside of them. Diamonds, crystals, and quartz.

artisan keycap

“Best Artisan Keycap” in 2016 that was held by Deskthority

We would love to let you know the most valuable thing to us is the recognization and the support of mechanical keyboard communities from around the world. One of this recognition is the “Best Artisan Keycap” in 2016 that was held by Deskthority.

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