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Jelly Clause is giving away

We wish you a Merry Jelly Christmas and specially thank you for always being with us. Come along with our wish is three special giveaway for this giving season.


Please adopt this Coral Reef – Giveaway

You may get a chance to adopt two World of Coral artisan keycaps by Jelly Key. You only need to leave you email here, and tell us what is the smallest act that you could do to protect sea life.

World of Coral keycap was created with tool, clay, resin. There were no coral reef is harmed during the process of making the keycaps.

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The Making of Jelly Key Shangri La Flows artisan keycap

If you are looking for a how-to article, this is not the one. We want to share with you some photos of artisan keycap making of our latest artisan keycap design Shangri La series. The process of handcrafting Shangri La can be broken in 4 major steps. Casting the base – the base is hand

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