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About Jelly Key Support Channel

Good day, Jelly Key dearest friends,

It was in 2016 that Jelly Key’s first established, this means the little JK guy has been serving you for almost 2 years, and we’d love to share with you what Jelly Key support service has been achieving till now.

You can look at the charts – measured by our Satisfied Conversation Rating app and we’ll tell you what is it.

jelly key,support channel

The chart with purple vertical bars shows that our support service average response time is 7 hours and 10 minutes (our commitment is to response within 24 hours). The chart with almost all green horizon bars shows that 91% supported cases were rate satisfied with the issue resolved results. We’re very happy that you’re happy with our supports.

Beside, we always refund 100% shipping fee for customers’ broken product returning and we also pay 100% re-shipping fee for those replacement products.

Moreover, we accept and support repairing many cases that the faults were non-manufacturing faults for our customers, all free.

That’s what Jelly Key has been supporting for our customer in recently two years, and we commit to maintain and improve our supporting services quality to bring our customers best experiences.

We also had prepared a Support page – in which you can yourself find the relevant answers for simples cases such as Group buy and Sale status, or Shipping and Privacy term. Jelly Key’s very welcome if you have any question that you can’t find the answer in any category in our Support page, and please kindly send your questions to us via email support@jellykey.com with email title “ASKING THAT HELP”. We will collect and update your questions monthly on our Support Page in the category ASKING THAT HELP, we believe you’re having some useful acts for our community. Do you think so? Please let us know.

There had been two or three dark mark stones that Jelly Key made serious mistakes, but thanked to our customers’ and community’s contributes that helped us greatly improved those mistakes: products quality, keycap stem, customer services and the service ways. We’ll never stop trying to make the best of us to serve you.

Thanks again, our friends.
Jelly Key

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