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Jelly Key new Store and and some “worth waiting for” shipment status

Hi Click-Clackers!

This weekly update is about Jelly Key new store on our website and shipment status of 2 keycap series: Forbidden Realms and Arousal of Three world beasts.

This is a new convenience for you when shopping with Jelly Key, a new Store on our Artisan Keycap site. Which means you won’t have to jump from a new design article to the Store (old site) to find the information about the price or specs you need to know,  now all in one site. Besides, thanks to Jelly Key friends’ contributory ideas, the name of each design variant will be added directly on their profile picture, so it won’t take you time to decide which one is the one right at the store. Hope you’ll love the typo as much as its idea.

Shipment status

Jelly Key had shipped your all Forbidden Realms keycap, something left for us to wait is the tracking code from our fulfillment vendors. We’ll inform you right away when we’ll have got them.

Arousal of three world beast keycap will be shipped exactly on June 7th. Jelly Key hope you’ve well prepared for facing the beasts. Graooooo!!!

Jelly Key love the idea of saving our friends’ time. And we always want to serve you with our best. Please let us know what elses that you can you for you.

Jelly Key

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