What is an 'artisan' ?


a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.
"street markets where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and artisan keycaps"

synonyms: craftsman, craftswoman, craftsperson, skilled worker, mechanic, technician, operative, maker, smith, wright, jelly key


We are handmade

Each item we make are truly and joyfully handmade. No scary robots. No shady camera tricks. It’s all created by a human creature, with a human mind. 

All Jelly Key products go through a special process, to ensure that the final product is at its prime.

Artisan 43.jpg

How long does it take to create a Jelly Key artisan?

  • Around ~9 hours for a simple piece, though, it could take up to ~24 hours for a signature keycap.

  • Yup! It takes a lot of time. The artisan is patient, waiting for each layer to dry until the next layer is put on. Art takes thinking, time, and effort.

  • Every item is set up properly. This is for workflow efficiency, measurement accuracy, and consistency.

  • Errors can happen at any time, so we have to make sure the work is done in a fashioned manner. If an error does occur, we improvise.


The Creative Process

Acquire inspiration

  • Ideas are everywhere. It surrounds us.
  • The environment around us inspire us the most.


  • Listing down the ideas. We acquire and provide each idea.
  • We then find intriguing concepts from these ideas.

Concept sketches

  • Visualizing our imaginations, into paper, so that we could make sure that the concept is doable.
  • This is also important to analyze the capability of the concept production.
  • Then the final design can be sketched with paper then modeling by clay and tool or digital painting on computer and 3D printed the mold.
  • Both of the process take a lot of time and require skillful hands of artist, regardless the tool he uses.

Demo prototype

  • It’s time to make this concept keycap into a real product.
  • This is the demo production of the concept.

Peer reviews

  • We create samples to get feedback.
  • It is rare for a prototype to be perfect at first go.


  • Once we collect the feedback, we revise it and acquire more ideas and inspiration.
  • The most appropriate responses will be certainly applied to develop the products final form.


  • We create the final version of the keycap.
  • The product is then ready to be launched.


  • The keycap is on it’s way to the store. Are you read.

Strict quality assurance processing

Every single Jelly Key product has to go through a strict quality assurance process. If the product meets the Jelly Key standard, the product will be carefully packaged into the Jelly Wooden Box. We ensure the quality of the product by paying attention to every detail at each step of the production.

From top to bottom, our keycaps are smooth to the touch and feature soft edges. The different phases of Jelly Key requires hand-processing to achieve the promised complete and simplistic design. The careful craft of the layered finish fits the deep, and rich galactic theme. The keys are precisely abraded over many hours, requiring absolute focus and concentration to achieve the smooth body finish of the Jelly Key. This is truly a unique, handmade product that no rival can mass produce.