[Prototype] Arcade Cabinets series - Virtual Frontier artisan keycaps - Craftmanships

[Prototype] Arcade Cabinets series – Virtual Frontier artisan keycaps

arcade 2023 sketch final


The lucky guy is jon*********erick@gmail.com with number 137. Thank you, everyone, for joining. See you next time.

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Update 3 7/9/23

Although the idea for a transparent game console case showcasing all the mechanical components (with a futuristic spaceship style) has been on my desk for nearly 2 years, it wasn’t until we perfected the “Retro TV series – Galaxy Thieves” that we had the technical expertise to bring it to life. In Update 2, you can see the casting process, the meticulous handling of each accessory, and the revolutionary assembly of the keycaps. When the product team saw this sample from me, their reaction was… “Oh my goodness, Steven, you’ve blown us away!”

Right now, everything is almost complete. I’m putting the finishing touches on the seated version of Standboy (check out the previous version here), where the character is seen gaming while holding a controller. However, the game’s content is actually printed on the surface of the keycaps. Using magnets, they can easily attach to a chair. And if you don’t have a chair, you can conveniently place him on the edge of your desk or even on the corner of your screen. How cool is that?

The photo team is brainstorming concepts for the photo shoot, and we’re hopeful that the Groupbuy will launch this weekend. Don’t forget to sign up above to receive a 5% coupon from us. Get ready for an amazing gaming experience!

dsc01785 copy

Update 2 7/4/23

After completing the design, we started creating models of the internal components, totaling 12 parts for each 1u keycap (excluding the screen content).

With this prototype, it took me four casting rounds for the components, one for each color. There were 12 different molds for the 12 component types, including the keycap base. After that, we processed the surface and formed each component, and finally assembled them all together as a functional machine detail.

For this version, I decided to add LED backlighting support to the keycaps. You’ll notice a thin layer of cast resin to create translucency, allowing light to shine through from underneath the keycap’s stem, illuminating the top and the circuitry. It will be fantastic.

Currently, I haven’t completed the transparent casting for the keycaps yet, and I’m considering a version without the translucent exterior. Regarding the screen content, I’m also working on 5 or 6 different game visuals. This is my favorite part, and I’m sure I’ll dedicate a significant amount of time to present it well because scaling down a game scene from a large screen to such a small size is always a challenge.

dsc05218 copy
dsc05187 copy
dsc05329 copy

Update 1 6/20/23

Introducing our latest masterpiece, a product that will redefine the way you experience Artisan keycap. Prepare to be amazed by the fusion of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Retro TV series – Arcade Cabinets 3.0: Virtual Frontier. Witness the seamless blend of vintage charm and modern innovation, as these unique cabinets unveil a realm of adventure and wonder…

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of the Retro TV series – Arcade Cabinets 3.0: Virtual Frontier!

Our Arcade Cabinet series:
– Arcade Cabinets 1
– Arcade Cabinets 2.0: Classic Never Dies
– Arcade cabinets 2.0 – Ageless console version (Raffle only, with all money for supporting the COVID-19 vaccine fund in Vietnam)

arcade 2023 square front
arcade 2023 square back

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