Our craftsmanship | How we made artisan keycaps

Our craftsmanship

What defines the essence of Jelly Key‘s Artisan Keycaps?

At Jelly Key, we are artisans, designers, and visionaries united by a noble pursuit to infuse elegance and artistry into the realm of technology. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every creation holds intrinsic value, a testament to which is our range of handcrafted artisan keycaps. These are not mere peripherals for your mechanical keyboard; they are distinct works of art designed to imbue your setup with personality and sophistication.

Each Jelly Key artisan keycap is a celebration of individuality and artistic expression, transforming the mundane act of typing into a refined experience. We recognise that the world of technology often leans towards the utilitarian, but our creations are a rebellion against the ordinary, a splash of whimsy in your daily interactions.

Whether you are a gaming aficionado, a coding maestro, or simply a connoisseur of exquisite design, our artisan keycaps are designed to elevate your workspace into a realm of unparalleled style. Immerse yourself in our collection, where each keycap is a gateway to your unique persona, waiting to be discovered and embraced.

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Envision the life of a gourmet chef, a master of culinary alchemy, meticulously blending myriad exquisite ingredients to craft the quintessential dish. This journey is marked by trials and errors, where initial endeavours may not capture the envisioned perfection. Yet, with persistence and refinement, a culinary magnum opus emerges, a dish that delights the senses and bestows a profound sense of accomplishment. This very ethos is embodied in the creation of Jelly Key’s artisan keycaps.

In our atelier, we select only the finest materials, each component chosen with the utmost discernment. These elements are then woven together with innovative concepts and the deft touch of skilled artisans. The result? It is a handcrafted marvel that transcends mere functionality, transforming your keyboard into a canvas of joy and distinctive character. Each keycap is not just an accessory; it is a testament to the alchemy of quality, creativity, and craftsmanship, akin to the most revered creations of the culinary world.

What does Jelly Key work with?

“What Alchemy of Materials Fuels the Artistry at Jelly Key?” At the heart of our artisan keycaps lies a simple, yet profound ingredient: the spark of imagination. Beyond the foundational elements of resin and clay, our palette is rich and diverse, drawing from both the earth’s depths and human ingenuity. We weave magic with crystals and glitter paper, infuse soul with woods cherished in Vietnamese and Japanese traditions, and capture time itself within the cogs of watch gears.

Our creations glow with the vibrancy of fluorescent components, dance with the hues of alcohol ink, and shimmer with the dust of glitter powder. Our craft knows no bounds, embracing materials that dwarf the humble size of a keycap. Imagine the transformation of a massive wooden sheet, carefully whittled down to a slender 1.6mm thickness, each stroke a testament to our dedication.

In every Jelly Key artisan keycap, you will find not just materials, but a narrative of devotion and time. Each piece is a journey, a dance of elements brought to life through skill and passion. Can you sense the heartbeat of our artistry in every keycap? It’s a symphony of materials, each playing its part in our quest to create not just keycaps, but keystones of wonder.

Jelly Key innovations meet creations.

At Jelly Key, we believe in pushing the boundaries of artisan keycap design with our constant craving for innovation and creation. While other keycap makers stick to traditional sculpture techniques, we have taken giant leaps with our Oasis, Nebula, Forbidden Realms, Legendary Castle, and Jelly Eden designs. Each keycap is the result of our passion for learning new skills and experimenting with a variety of materials.

Our inspiration comes from everything around us, from the beauty of nature to the intricacies of watch mechanisms, from gaming to arts and magical spells. We constantly renew ourselves through raffles, giveaways, and unique group-buys. And we never repeat a design, ensuring that each keycap is truly one-of-a-kind.

We believe that the purpose of our artisanship is to constantly innovate and create. As the world changes, so do our designs. We refuse to be bored and strive to bring fresh ideas to the table every day. We manifest reality from our dreams and value our human community above all else. Join us on this journey of innovation and creation.

More importantly, each of our designs is only available for sale once, and only that one single time. We never run the same groupbuy again in any way. The purpose for this fits perfectly with our artisanship philosophy: to constantly innovate and create. As the world is constantly changing, why shouldn’t we? Every day when the sun rises, when the new wind blows, it means our creativity needs to be brought into play, in order to produce ideas and make it come true. We manifest reality when there were only dreams. Humans are instinctively afraid of boredom, and that’s the idea of us caring about our human value and community.


The creative process

Acquire inspiration

  • Ideas are everywhere. It surrounds us.
  • The environment around us inspire us the most.


  • Listing down the ideas. We acquire and provide each idea.
  • We then find intriguing concepts from these ideas.

Concept sketches

  • Visualizing our imaginations, into paper, so that we could make sure that the concept is doable.
  • This is also important to analyze the capability of the concept production.
  • Then the final design can be sketched with paper then modeling by clay and tool or digital painting on computer and 3D printed the mold.
  • Both of the process take a lot of time and require skillful hands of artist, regardless the tool he uses.

Demo prototype

  • It’s time to make this concept keycap into a real product.
  • This is the demo production of the concept.

Peer reviews

  • We create samples to get feedback.
  • It is rare for a prototype to be perfect at first go.


  • Once we collect the feedback, we revise it and acquire more ideas and inspiration.
  • The most appropriate responses will be certainly applied to develop the products final form.


  • We create the final version of the keycap.
  • The product is then ready to be launched.


  • The keycap is on it’s way to the store. Are you read.

Strict quality assurance processing

Every single Jelly Key product has to go through a strict quality assurance process. If the product meets the Jelly Key standard, the product will be carefully packaged into the Jelly Wooden Box, which are coated with mouse inner side. It helps prevent keycap surface from being scratched and scraped in transportation and delivery process. We ensure the quality of the product by paying attention to every detail at each step of the production.

From top to bottom, our keycaps are smooth to the touch and feature soft edges. The different phases of Jelly Key requires hand-processing to achieve the promised complete and simplistic design. The careful craft of the layered finish fits the deep, and rich galactic theme. The keys are precisely abraded over many hours, requiring absolute focus and concentration to achieve the smooth body finish of the Jelly Key. This is truly a unique, handmade product that no rival can mass produce.

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