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Exciting Updates – Striving to Serve You Better

Hello, dear friends of Jelly Key,

As we close the chapter on a year filled with challenges and significant achievements, yet also splendidly radiant, here at Jelly Key, we can hardly wait to share with you the steadfast progress and ceaseless efforts we’ve put forth throughout this time.

We fully appreciate the value of time and your expectations for swift receipt of products. However, our designs are committed to offering a diverse range in a series with various keycap sizes. Admittedly, this became a hurdle in our product completion timeline, as our process is entirely handcrafted rather than using 3D printing and painting like many other keycap makers. We wholly cast multiple layers of coloured resin and manually applied shadow effects. As a result, finalising a spacebar takes twice as long as an enter key, and an enter key is nearly three times as long as a 1u key. To tackle this, we’ve enhanced our artisanal production process and increased our number of artists. The outcome significantly improves delivery speed, ensuring our creations reach you much faster.

jellykey 8bitv series custom keycaps 0783

As you may have noticed, Jelly Key’s keycaps are among the most complex and intricately designed on the market. Our goal, as stated, is to create unique designs with themes of nature, space, etc., incorporating subtle elements of environmental protection and a gentle life into our designs. When you use our products daily, we hope you’ll feel a deeper connection with the small things around you and a heightened environmental awareness. This philosophy has guided us since we began designing our first keycaps in 2015.

Looking forward to you seeing all our innovations and efforts in 2024.

And one more thing, as a token of appreciation and New Year wishes, we’ve prepared a small gift for you – a golden pillow. This is a fantastic keycap from 2023 that I’ve created, and this time, I’ve decided to use gold powder and glitter to make this little gift. Accompanied by wishes for a good night’s sleep, leading to better work efficiency and life. This is how we want to express our heartfelt thanks to our cherished friends who have supported us through the tumultuous year of 2023.

Once again, thank you for being such an integral part of Jelly Key’s journey.

Kind regards,
The Jelly Key Team

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