Updates on delays of recent group buys

Today Jelly Key would like to give updates about the production progress of Retro TV series – Life on planets, Dragons of Eden: East Sea’s guardians, Born of forest – It listens, Cyborg snail, and Zen Pond IV – God’s creation artisan keycaps. Let’s get started!

Retro TV series – Life on planets 

Good news for the TVs! We have finally finished all the qualified keycaps and they’re e shipped.

Dragons of Eden: East Sea’s guardians

We have completed the shipment of almost all keycaps to our valued customers, which will be officially done by mid-June (may be early). The feedback has been amazing with all the wonderful reviews!


Born of forest – It listens

Keycaps that are finished first have already been sent to the customers, followed by the next batches of qualified keycaps.


Cyborg snail and Zen Pond IV – God’s creation artisan keycaps 

Their delivery schedule will be starting in mid-June.

We are genuinely sorry for these delivery delays of group buys. Thank you for your understanding and valuable patience. If you need any help, please send us an email at support@jellykey.com and we’ll get back to you the soonest.

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