Ding dong! our keycaps have arrived at your doorstep - Craftmanships

Ding dong! our keycaps have arrived at your doorstep

weeklyupdate 0822 01

Finally, our first batch of Zen Pond IV and Cyborg Snails have reached new homes. Our team has received lots of feedback from our valued customers. Through awesome pictures from these feedbacks, we really feel how excited all of you are. It is such a great encouragement for our team to work more efficiently.

In this state of joyfulness, our team speeds up to get the keycaps of these 2 series done within this month. Zen Pond team has finished many keycap packs and rollers with different colors and profiles. After getting through the QC check process, they are immediately on the way for the shipping.

Moreover, it does not stop at the good news about Zen Pond and Cyborg Snails series. Another fantastic thing we would update you on is that the first batch of Cosmo Series – Astronaut Odyssey is expectedly to be delivered at the end of this August. Although we have experienced many obstacles to getting the casting process to run smoothly, we step into the QC process and hopefully, it will soon be done.

And for those of you who joined our latest raffle: Cat Knight, it won’t take long to receive your keycaps in this collection as we try hard to send them out on 07 September and 14 September.

Don’t forget to meet us every Saturday night at raffle events. We highly appreciate your support and sincerely thank you for your love and trust, which is always the best motivation for Jelly Key team to work on other gorgeous designs.

For any inquiries or further questions, don’t hesitate to reach us at email: support@jellykey.com

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