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Happy month – happy news – A speed racing to reach the finish line

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We are in hope of always come up with good news in every update. So today, in this update, we bring 2 good news to inform you. Firstly, the final batch of 2 group buys Dragons of Eden – East Sea’s Guardians and Born of Forest – It Listens are all going to be delivered within this month. Secondly, Cyborg Snails also accelerates the process to catch up the speed with these 2 group buys. With this pace, Cyborg snails are completed and distributed at the same time with Dragons of Eden and Born of Forest.

Besides, the Koi fishes of Zen Pond IV do not want to stay out of this high-speed racing, so they are in a hurry to swim to the new home as fast as possible. The first batch of this keycaps series is in the QC process and will soon come to you to fulfil your Eden world collection.

And what is happening to our astronauts in the racing team? They are not left behind but get a bit slow to be well-prepared for a good performance. Keycaps in Cosmos Series – Astronaut Odyssey are in the casting and colouring process. This stage seems to take time the most as our little astronauts in the shaped moulds need to be cosseted. They require the artists in the Cosmos team to gently remove them out of the moulds to avoid any damage like breaking their arms or legs. These mistakes can not fix but lead to re-starting the manufacturing process from the first step. Therefore, the Cosmos team spends the most time and resources with the highest concentration in every stage. There have many stories behind the manufacturing process of Cosmos Series – Austronaut Odyssey keycaps. We share details in the next update blog.

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We also work with the new collection of Coral Oases artisan keycaps – Let’s look at what we found in a ripped journal buried in Coral Oases, where the coral reef can live in many earth conditions, including desert because their beauty is eternally captured with a spell.

In addition to the available group buys, you can also join our weekly raffles every Saturday. Let your mind flow and dive into our The Dream Walkers – Night Hunter.

Our Jelly Key team always works full of energy to speed up production. We hope that you are always satisfied with our art creation in our keycap series. For any inquiries, please send us an email via this address: support@jellykey.com

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