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Latest Production Updates and A Surprise!

As months have passed, it’s time to keep up with the production status of these three collections: Dragons of Eden: East Sea’s guardians, Born of forest – It listens, and Cyborg snail artisan keycaps. Let’s get started!

We are about to finish the collection Dragons of Eden: East Sea’s guardians. On the same note, the Born of forest – It listens collection is still in progress but also coming close to the final stage.

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Cyborg snail is being produced in total capacity by our artisans. We will keep the shipping time as previously announced, which is expected to be mid-June.

…which brings the ultimate good news: all the keycaps of these adored collections will be shipped at the end of this month. You have our word to have them finished, quality controlled, and ready to send out!

In addition to the available group buys, you can also join our weekly raffles every Saturday. Let your mind flow and dive into our The Dream Walkers – Octopian.

dream walkers octopian custom keycaps 049

Our team of Zen Pond IV – God’s creation is trying their best to complete it at the end of July. You can expect any qualified keycaps to be shipped right away.

Next month, we will bring back a much-loved collection that has been phenomenal in the history of Jelly Key. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for a new 8-bit series – Neon era that will take this theme to the next level. You can follow our production process of these keycaps here.

Thank you for your understanding and valuable patience. If you need any help, please send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you the soonest.

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