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What happens in November?

jelly key weekly update 1122

Half of the month has quickly passed with our constant effort to complete the unfinished keycap series. Therefore, we are now coming with considerable great news with the hope of immersing all of you in cheerful moments.

The last batch of the Cosmos series: Astronaut Odyssey has been put in gorgeous wooden boxes to be ready for shipping to you, who are always patiently waiting for it.

Retro TV: Disco Hustle has almost finished its final batch and will soon pass the QC check process to stand by for delivery.

The latest news from 8-bit series 3: Neon era is also good news as the first batch had nearly ended when it passed a strict QC check. In this process, we only select the most flawless keycaps without any errors, even minor ones. For keycaps that have some imperfect details, we have decided to revoke them to bring the most qualified products to all of you.

jelly key weekly update 1135
jelly key weekly update 1156
jelly key weekly update 1157

Unfortunately, Coral Oases needs more high speed to be done with the casting process. The keycaps from this series have just come across one-third of the casting journey, and we are trying to move them to other steps quickly.

Regarding those keycaps which are ready to deliver, we seek more patience from you to wait for the tracking code from the shipping unit. There is only this tiny step left to receive your orders. Our team immediately shares the code when we have updates.


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