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Weekly Update: Products of dreams and hopes!

Hello, our dearest customers and friends!

Have you seen the Cities of Tomorrow artisan keycaps which are our latest products yet? To continue to exploit the topic about humans and the direction to the future, we are designing and producing new products and they will be released to you at the earliest time. Thank you for accompanying us in the group buy.

Resin Keycap Maker (2)

Since we know that all of you’re looking forward to holding new products on your hand, we are rushing to pack the finished products to send to you.

Furthermore, the packages sent are also on their ways to your door, including:

Besides On-Offer keycaps are directed on schedule. We will update more On Offer products the next time. If you didn’t know about this kind of product, you could get more information about them here.

The On-Offer products are available in Jelly Key’s store:

In this time, if you have any questions, please send mail to support@jellykey.com or the online support website.

Have a beautiful day!

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