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A fresh update on our treasured Cherry Profiles

Jelly Key Cherry Profiles 2186
Ever since the beginning when Jelly Key made our very first artisan keycaps, especially for landscape series, we have to say that making inside details and casting resin over them in Cherry profile keys are our biggest challenge.

With the original Cherry profiles

Initially, Cherry profiles have lower height and smaller overall dimensions than others such as OEM and SA. Jelly Key uses R1 of Cherry profile with a height of about 10.2mm maximum, top surface size of 10.7x14mm, and bottom surface size of 18.5x18mm. You can imagine the space inside Cherry R1 keycap is extremely small with the above specifications, and even picture this: when excluding the minimum keycap depth that is necessary for them to be attached to the keyboard, the height of the remaining space for the inner details is less than 5mm.

To achieve the greatest depth for those designs having numerous details, instead of keeping the original Cherry keycap set, Jelly Key has reduced their depth to the fullest, just to the right enough amount to fit the stem completely on the switch. We then also increase the overhang to level it off with the keycap’s bottom. Although the knob, if brought under the keycap’s bottom, would raise the keycaps nearly 1mm higher than the keyset when attached to the keyboard, Jelly Key still ensures the total height of the artisan keycaps to be the same as the Cherry profiles in the keyset (~ 10.2mm)

If you’ve owned Jelly Key’s Cherry profiles in our previous group-buys, you will notice what we have just mentioned above. One special thing we can tell from the original keycap R1 is that the top surface of the keycaps is always flat, as we always try to improve our techniques and adapt them to the designs, eventually ensure the overall size of the keycap during the time of making Cherry profiles.

Jelly Key Cherry Profiles 2182
Jelly Key Cherry Profiles 2172
Jelly Key Cherry Profiles 2176

What’s going on now?

Since the group-buy of 8-bit series has just ended, you can see their reviews of photos and videos on our social networks, which is our prototype version that’s following a previous design of Jelly Key.

We have good news for you, Jelly Key has improved the stem’s height, helping the keycaps get the same or nearest possible height when mounted on the keyboard, along with the other keycaps on the keyset (depending on the keyset’s manufacturers that produce different height when attached to the keyboard). To do so, Jelly Key’s new stem base of Cherry profiles has been lowered to only 1.08mm. Jelly Key had to deal with the thickness of the core’s bottom, making it thinner but still ensuring the durability and creating enough space to show the details inside, and helping the stem foot attach to the switch entirely.

You will get an 8-bit keycap with the exact same details as shown in the picture, but with a brand new technique – a freshly updated version of Jelly Key’s Cherry profiles.

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