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Weekly Update – A busy week with Zen Pond II

Dragons Of Eden Enter:backspace:shift Artisan Keycaps 00525

Jelly Key is back after a busy week with Zen Pond II, thank you so much for your love for our keycap this time. With the unexpected participation in the group buy, the Zen Pond team will try our best to finish all the keycaps in the shortest possible time and deliver it to you.

To ensure you can get the keycap as soon as possible, Jelly Key has changed the production process with many models being made at the same time, and when there is enough product for a package, it will be sent immediately. So some of you will receive the keycap sooner than the expected time.

The orders has been sent: Artifact series – Cities of Tomorrow artisan keycaps, Cosmos series – Act of Creation artisan and the latest product – Dragons of Eden enter/backspace/shift artisan keycaps has been in the process of shipping.

Sneaker team and Cosmos team are in the process of production. Zen Pond will also start sooner than we expected.

For customers in Hong Kong, the packages will be on hold until the shipping company announces a new shipment to your place, so the shipping will be suspended. We are so sorry for this frustration and unexpected problem, please understand and wait for the latest update of Jelly Key.

We hope you have a nice day!!!

Any questions please contact us at: support@jellykey.com or our website.

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