Weekly Update – Dragon team is working day and night

Hello guys, 

We wish you a new month with lots of energy, health and happiness. You must be very excited now because our Cosmo is on the way to your house. We have received lots of positive feedbacks from our customers and we are very happy for that.

Dragon team is working day and night, rushing for their first packages so that we can send it to you as soon as it’s finished. 

Artisan Keycaps Marker 00228 2

From the sculptures, the dragon models are duplicated and this stage, each detail of the dragon takes around 16 hours of waiting. After the resin has dried, the separation of the sample from the silicone mold is done carefully step by step to avoid losing small details such as the tail, horn, mustaches…

The next step is to choose the details and paint colors, the first layer is covered with 1 layer of paint as a background, after that it’ll be painted 3 more colors to create the 3D looks.

The painting process for dragons continues with smaller details such as eyes, mane, scales, and tails. Every detail is being highlighted to create the sharpness and contrast for each area on the entire of the dragon.

Next, the dragon will be fixed inside a mold with resin. Each detail is being made with extremely careful and meticulous, the details are followed exactly the most beautiful design of each dragon. Each shaping step takes about 16 hours for the resin to dry completely.

Once the dragon shape is already fixed inside the mold, depending on the color, the implementation will be different in each stage for the color rays to settle. Not too long, not too short, neither too small nor too big. The operation is repeated exactly according to the color scheme of the keycap, the rays are created in the right position with highly harmonious. This stage also takes about 8 hours to finish. After that, the keycap will be put into pressure pot and the next waiting time is around 12 hours. With any mistake that occurs in the process, we have to start again from the very beginning. Each stage requires 100% focus, carefulness, and patience, that’s why it always takes us quite long to finish.

After the completed keycap has completely dried and removed from the mold, it’ll be cleaned carefully for the next step, which is polishing, an important step for the keycap to achieve perfect transparency. The polishing is started with sanding at each level from 240-2000, 5-steps can’t be missed. Finally, we use gloss paint for the keycap’s surface to give it a transparent and perfect glossy as you can see if you owned our keycap.

With so many requests from fans who love the cosmic theme since Cosmo’s appearance, we will soon release the next keycap series with your requests. Hope this will make you feel satisfied with your imagination of our universe.

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