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Weekly update: Burn the midnight oil

Hello our lovely friends and customers,

After so many busy days on crafting and finishing our products, team Coral and team Zenpond are so happy to announce that we finally finished our last keycap and these beauties are on the way to your house.

In addition to avoiding the confusion, as you can see that the status of your order hasn’t been changed because the transport that we use will separate each area of the world and focus on one by one area to ensure the shortest delivery time for you. As soon as the package arrived at your destination country or the nearest delivery area, you will receive an updated tracking code in your account. Please be assured that all the keycaps are being handled by the most careful transport service.

Jelly Key Resin Artisan Keycaps 46

Aside from that, Team Cities is on process of building their tiny cities, they’re working very hard right now to make sure that they will finish their products in the shortest possible time. Team Cosmo has finished preparation and ready to burn the midnight oil.

One more thing that we’re so excited to let you know is, Jelly Key will have more new products in future and all will soon be available for purchase online on Jelly Jey’s website. Let’s wait and see, it’ll be worth the wait.

Have a good day, love you all.

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