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Weekly update: Bring the coral world to you? Why not?

Hello, our valued customers and friends! Today except for continuing updating about Jelly Key’s activities, as usual, we’d like to inform you a piece of interesting information about our amazing new products! 

This is the launch of Atlantis Coral artisan keycaps Collection. Today we start to sell the products in this collection after a thorough preparation from idea creation to production. Our design and production team spent a long time in creating multiple sample, from which to produce a perfect product named Atlantic Coral Park for our customers. People who used to loved and cared about products The Immense Ocean series – World of Coral artisan keycaps will be interested in our new collection because they are all came from a passionate and talented team.

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Moreover, the team producing Zen Pond Spacebar/Enter/Shift artisan keycaps is continuing finishing these products to deliver to you for the earliest time. Inside Zen Pond keycap, you can see each Koi which are casted, trimmed neatly and hand-painted meticulously. After finished colouring stage, every beautiful koi are shaped in each layout layer of keycaps. This stage requires a lot of time for the resin layer which locates each Koi fish can dry and keep their position. You can extremely trust the Zen Pond team with the effort that brings perfect keycaps to you although the delays in delivery time.

Remaining teams which are in charge of Retro TV series – Universality resin keycaps, Artifact series – Seasonal terraced field artisan keycaps & Chubby Piggy Banks – Lunar new year artisan keycaps are also conducting production keycaps to ensure our customers will receive the products on time. 

On Offer keycaps are shipped regularly by the deadlines.
If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact suppport@jellykey.com

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