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End of year season recap

Hello my friends,

Now that we have reached the very last days of 2019, you must’ve been extremely busy to settle things up and prepare for the most exciting time of year like this.

And we – Jelly Key teams are, too. Cosmo 2, Zen Pond 2, and The rejuvenation ages of lost cities teams are pulling their best to produce all at once to guarantee the shortest delivery time, as the upcoming holidays are coming close and our production will also take a break for the holidays.

Jelly Key 00688

For those places whose shipping services stopped delivery temporarily, things have gone back to normal schedule. The keycaps that were recently delivered are Summer Sneaker collection, Dragons of Eden enter/backspace/shift. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach us through support@jellykey.com and we’ll get back to you soon.

You can look into the currently available keycaps that you can buy now without having to wait any longer, like our latest Mono Kaleidoscope gaming kit. They are on-offer now and having amazing feedbacks from the customers.

From all our hearts at Jelly Key, we wish you the warmest cheers of this holiday season and a wonderful time ahead with your loved ones!

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