Weekly update: July - Zen Pond - 12 hours per day - Craftmanships

Weekly update: July – Zen Pond – 12 hours per day

Hello our dearest customers. How is your summer vacation? We hope that you are having a great time with your family and friends. We have some very exciting updates for you on this lovely July:

Our Retro TV team has completed and packaged all the products. Same as Retro TV Team, Artifacts series Seasonal terraced field team also completed all products and all of these beauties are on the way to your house.

Team Coral is in the process of crafting and finishing their colorful coral keycaps. Besides that, Team Cities has finished preparation and ready to work hard.

The Zen pond team is working hard with 12 hours a day as you know on creating, crafting to complete their products. We also want to share with you guys how these lovely spacebars are made – a spacebar that has completely natural beams and gorgeous look requires a lot of time, patience and technique.

Zen Pond Resin Enter Keycaps

First of all, as you can see, color plays an important role, a powerful force in the hands of an artist, or designer. Each color should mix and match together so that it’ll give our product a perfect color effect and realistic look. The next step also as important as mixing color is we need to get rid of teeny tiny bubbles after we pour the resin, everything should be done quickly and should be at the right time.

After that, we have to wait for the color to settle down. This step takes us a lot of time because we need to make sure that the beam doesn’t go in the wrong direction or not too high and it might obscure the Koi. The more color the spacebar have, the more it will take time because all the colors and beams need to get in form and settle. If we rush on this step, it’ll be a bunch of messing color and that’s not what we want on our product.

Finally, we are on the last step of how it made. Close the mold box and put in the pressure pot, for each spacebar mold we need at least 12 hours to finish. Now, this is the hard part, we have to handle the newborn-spacebar very careful because when the color beams and rays are already in form, close the mold box too quick or too strong will make it lose the shape stability or bonding hold of the rays.

All the steps must be repeated with the highest carefully, as you can see in the picture below, the effect on the keycap is completely different. We only choose the one that has the highest quality so that we can give our customers the best experience with our products. The sad part is, we also have to throw a lot of unqualified spacebars and repeat every step which consumes a lot of time.

We hope that you guys, our dearest customers can understand the difficulty that team Zenpond has encountered. We also have another update for you guys, more than 60% of orders are ready to delivery and on the way to your hand.

Once again, a big thank you from all of us. We appreciate your trust, patience, and support, we’ll do our best to continue to give you the best experience ever. Jelly Key wishing you a great day.

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