Weekly update: we’re sorry for the frustration of waiting

Dear valued customers and friends,

We apologise that some orders including Ethereal Reign, Meditation Gems and Zen Pond keycaps will experience 3-6-week delays in delivery due to the holiday, complexity in design and innovation in production.

Below are some descriptions of how they are made to be the best versions in your hands. Here we go!

keycap delay,making keycap,polish keycap

Ethereal Reign (Enter/Shift) artisan keycaps

The process of making these keycaps is more time-consuming due to the complexity and toughness. To make an Enter one, for example, we spend the most time on cleaning and smoothing the surface after crafting every detail. As more than ten pieces of the most beautiful Chinese and Vietnamese wood are sanded down and layered one on top of the other, creating a 3D effect, we need to be cautious so that the sight would be an inclined subject and there’s no abundant glue among the wood layers. Also, since these guys are sculpted in SA profile which contains many curls, the polishing step takes us more time equal to three & four times of making a 1u cap artefact keycap.

keycap delay,making keycap,polish keycap

Zen Pond Spacebar/Enter/Shift artisan keycaps

Although we create these ponds with the same effect with Jelly Eden series but more hard control effect, this time we have decided to add more complexity to the impact as well as control how lively it is to go with a large surface as spacebar and enterbar.

Each Enter and Space “tanks” contains a bunch of koi fishy, blithely swimming in colourful and dreamy water. Beforehand, we meticulously create each Koi first, then “dress” them with vivid colours and carefully double check every detail before putting them in the pond.

keycap delay,making keycap,polish keycap

Meditation Gems artisan keycaps series

“A gem cannot be polished without friction” and our Meditation Gems are not exceptions. We design Gems with double layers so it takes a great deal of time and effort to control how each colour rays to settle on and ready to be layered with another colour patterns.

We also decided to use aluminium foil paper and smoke painting technique to perfect their aesthetic look. However, this material and method also bring a lot of challenges. To choose a raw keycap which is qualified to be polished, we have to discard many poor ones.

Unlike other keycaps, the Gems are processed with both abrasive and shining finish flexibly combine in a keycap. Therefore, we need more time to skillfully and carefully complete the steps, making sure you won’t be disappointed waiting for these unique Gems.

A sincere note

Alright. We understand that the wait for your favourite artisan keycaps is frustrating. Once again, we’re sincerely sorry for the delays in production and shipping of Gems and Zen Pond keycaps. Regarding other groupbuy orders, we will deliver them within the standard time.

Last but not least, no matter you have picked the brilliant Ethereal Reign, peaceful Gems or amazing Zen Pond guy, it will be all worth the wait. You have our word!

  • Any question, feel free to shoot JellyKey an email via [email protected].
  • See you in next updates. Don’t forget to be awesome!

JellyKey team

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