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[Coming soon] 8-Bit Series – Pipeline Battle artisan keycaps

Get ready for an upcoming release that promises excitement and passion—a classic battle embedded within each key press. Relive legendary 8-bit gaming moments and experience top-notch craftsmanship in a product like never before. Don’t forget to sign up to receive a 5% coupon from us. 

Crystal Veil Series – Space Odyssey artisan keycaps

In 2032, at the Artemis Space Atmosphere Station, the sunlight was gleaming through the windows, casting its warm golden glow upon a group of astronauts gathered in a spacious meeting room…

Unforgettable Journey: Jelly Key’s First Participation in Meetup

Greetings to all keyboard enthusiasts and fans of artisan keycaps! Today, we are delighted to share our unforgettable journey as Jelly Key, marking our first-ever participation in the VAC (Viet Artisan Community) Meetup…

Arcade Cabinets series – Stand boy art toy

Introducing our versatile Magnetic Stand Boy Holder from the Arcade Cabinets 3.0: Virtual Frontier collection. This meticulously handcrafted holder is designed to showcase a 1u keycap, adding an exquisite touch to your desk setup…

My Jelly

Here at Jelly Key, we love showcasing our artisan keycaps in action with real-life photos from our satisfied customers. Browse through our collection to see the beautiful craftsmanship and unique designs of our custom keycaps, and get inspired for your own keyboard setup.

Our artisan keycaps are crafted entirely by hand with meticulous attention to detail by our talented team of artisans. We’re grateful for your continued support since 2015.

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