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Weekly update: Your benefits are always served!

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Hi there!
Your day is about to improve since we have a lot of sweet updates for you.

Well, remember our “weird and scary” Poring Ghoul artisan keycaps and fascinating Sphincter Cell Master keycap series guys? They are still on the way to knock your door, soon. We have begun shipping in 20 days after your order has completed. Wait less & enjoy more!

Boom shakalak! We have also done the shipping for Artifact series: Frozen Realms Artisan Keycap, Confectionery Woods artisan keycap series, so you will have them in your team before you know it! No worries if you have any question or problem with the delivery, we’ve got your back! Please let us know via support@jellykey.com

Meanwhile, we are processing shipping all the Artifact series – Ethereal Reign(Enter/Shift) artisan keycaps to Massdrop, which will be knock your door within standard delivery time. Be 100% ready to have many jaw-dropping adventures with the Earth’s weather patterns!

Our favourite time of the year is finally here! We we will be off for Tet Holiday from 2 to 10 February 2019 and back on 11February 2019. Due to shipping service disruption during this holiday, all orders may experience small shipping delays, especially orders with Ethereal Reign (Enter/Shift) artisan keycaps.  Please also note that since we will be away for 10 days, some groupbuy orders will experience holiday delays in delivery too. We are terribly for all inconveniences caused by late delivery. Because we love our customers, we'll be back soon and make effort to serve you better!

Last but not least, as the year winds down, we want to take the opportunity to thank you for your support for the past year. We look forward to serving you all in the coming years. 

Hope this update is helpful to you, beloved friends. Feel free to shoot JellyKey an email via support@jellykey.com.

For your convenience, we’ll reply within 24 hours in business days and as soon as possible during Tet Holiday.

See you in next update!

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