Meditation Gems artisan keycaps series

These are the Meditation Gems keycap.
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*** color & brightness in video clip is darker than real color, we use iphone camera for video recorder.

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These are the Meditation Gems keycap.
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Don’t make it too fast scrolling down to glance at those keycaps, take time to look at them. At least you’d archive your inner peace by finding out the truth that you permanently won’t be able to become a hybrid pig-bird, or just simply clean up the mess of your mind about how to name your wisdom-teeth in times’ order. Life is so so hard. We know it. Ah~

The Meditation Gems series had 12 designs, representing for seven Chakras in side every one of us. In case you’ve got no idea of what on earth is a Chakra, you can have a jog with Wiki, or if you want to stay we can simply explain for you that these seven Chakras are invisible power centres, locate vertically from your perineum to the top of your head. They represent for different energies that Gurus usually advise you to unlock them and head to a “serene life”. The color of the Meditation Gems keycap won’t one hundred per cent take their Chakras color spectrum (we were a bit affected by the Creative Chakra when designing these Gem, we guess), but they take the beauty.

A big collection, a massive combination of Jelly Key occult technique, seven combinations which each of them had a that we would suggest you find out these seven differences. The secrets of them would be revealed in our next blog post. Now you’d know them.

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Ego Gem

It holds the energy of emotion and personal power, joy, laughter, anger or sensitive. They associate in this centre. Combined with two opposite hue but high saturation of Red and Green.

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The Third Eye Gem

Called by the name of the Third Eye Chakra,  It is located at the centre of your forehead at eye level. Representing for spiritual nature questions of our life, as an inner vision, intuition and wisdom energy centre. We had brought in a brand new color for this sort of effect, fifty shades of grey.

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Lively Gem

Filled with color. Some matte planes were made, but not exactly the same, it’s got some different matte edge. Fill with a soft gradient spectrum from pink to blue.

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Just the way you are, living with your own color and shine. You’re sparkling your way.

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Enjoyment Gem

Locates within our throat, the Enjoyment Gem representing for the Enjoyment Chakras, where our words of and self-expression and judgement are formed. Connected with hearing and healing as well as transformation and purification.

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Euphoria Gem (this gem is a gift for who join All series)

With color dancing together, happiness dancing with please and excitement, we plan to archive some euphoria, and you too?

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Kooky Gem

Never know how many time you were called “crazy”, but it’s fun after all, and harmless. This Kooky Gem was blended in a wide spectrum from green to purple. Its surface’s got several matte planes we had made in purpose. And found them interesting.

** photos of this design lighter than the real keycap

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Root Gem

It’s where your instinct allocates, the root of your body, a “survival energy centre”. Red of blood, the blood of life. Main red color mixed with pixie dust.

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Creativity Gem

Representing for desire, sexuality, procreation and creativity. This design holds more than a secret sauce.

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Love Gem

The house of the soul, they said. It’s near our heart, the green Chakra, where strong feelings of attraction would be released. Can you feel the love energy is formed inside the keycap?

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The Crown Gem

The Crown Gem was also named after the Crown Chakra; this Chakra is associated on the top of your head, It is said to concern with understanding, acceptance and bliss. This keycap holds a crown inside it.

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Hidden Kindness Gem

Transparent warm green may seem evil, but glitter hidden under the green surface. Like hidden kindness heart covered under some evil speech.

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It’s also great to live in a society that’s full of amiableness. Is that true? Is that only our wish or we can literally make the world a blue better place.

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  • Close time: 11/1/2018
  • Starting to Deliver after Groupbuy: 80 days

We could close the GB sooner than expected. So take your chance as soon as you can.


  • Backlit
  • Cherry profile 
  • MX stem
  • Design and Handcrafted by Jelly Key

What is in the box?

  • 1 Meditation Gems keycaps by Jelly Key.
  • 01 Medal dog-tag with engraved unique series number.
  • 01 Wooden box.
  • A unique serial number is on the bottom of the keycap as well.


  • Due to the random effect of the color background created from “magic” ink – we kindly remind you again that what our artists can control
  • The keycap was made entirely by hand and tool. The final product may vary from the original photos but at acceptable aspect. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differents.
    With each artisan keycap from Jelly Key, we offer you a one-on-one replacement if there is fault that causes by our artisan team. Feel free to contact us.
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Gemstones types

Root Gem, Creativity Gem, Ego Gem, Love Gem, Enjoyment Gem, The Third Eye Gem, The Crown Gem, Kooky Gem, Hidden Kindness Gem, Lively Gem, Amiable, Confidence, All series (12 keycaps & one Euphoria Gem)

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