COVID’s 4th wave in Vietnam and us

[Weekly update] COVID’s 4th wave in Vietnam and us

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Ho Chi Minh City government has decided to extend its current social distancing order by another two weeks due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, effective from April 19.

The city-wide social distancing measure means very extreme travel restrictions of people outside. Gatherings of more than two people in public are banned, and people are requested to leave home only for critical reasons. Non-essential business and services are closed; all cultural, sports and entertainment activities are also suspended to aid the pandemic prevention.

HCMC, home to 13 million people, has recorded a total of ~40,000 Covid-19 infections as the latest statistics. This is the worst coronavirus wave in Vietnam since late April. Many lives are heavily affected, and businesses are weighing on its heavy impact.

Jelly Key team is still doing our best to maintain the shipment progress of the Retro TV series – Ageless console, Men v. Droids – untold stories, Retro TV series – Arcade Cabinets 2.0 and Eden reimagined: Butterscotch Planet. The pandemic is causing many disruptions, but we still try to keep up our spirits to finish the most important thing of Jelly Key, which is our artisan keycaps being delivered to you.

We can always be reached through, so hit us with a message if you have any questions or concerns. As always, we wish you stay strong and safe wherever you are.

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