[Weekly update] Current progress of our production: Updated till Jan 19 - Craftmanships

[Weekly update] Current progress of our production: Updated till Jan 19

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To our dearest customers,

We are back with another update for you regarding the current progress of our production and delivery. Hopefully, this can untangle some of your main concerns about what is going on with your purchased keycaps. If you have any more questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Firstly, we would like to inform you of the current keycap production status so that you can be clear about what we are working on right now. 

Our teams have finished the Born of Forest and The Rehabilitation of Lost Cities artisan keycaps, and we have moved on to the packaging step so that they can be ready to be shipped! Your patience would be very appreciated while waiting for the tracking status to be updated, and feel free to contact us for support if your orders have not arrived or any other concerns you have upon Jelly Key product delivery. Our contact information can be found below the post, and we will try to be responsive as fast as possible.

We are also working at full capacity to produce the 8-bit Series: Pipeline City and Zen Pond III – Cherry Circle of Life artisan keycaps. These two collections are our top priorities at the moment, and we are trying to get them done as fast as we can.

We have shipped the first batch of completed keycaps of 8-bit series and continued working on the remaining designs to make sure the production is not interrupted. Per Zen Pond III, we will also update the production progress shortly when the first orders are sent for delivery. Each collection has its own challenges and Jelly Key artists have to figure out how to deal with them in the most efficient way.

So, what makes the production of Zen Pond III so difficult? 

The major obstacle we encounter during making Zen Pond III artisan keycaps lies in the selection rate after molding the Koi fishes. It normally takes up to 10 hours for the fish casts to dry, and we will proceed to remove them out of the shaped moulds. Due to the tiny size of the Kois, this is extremely difficult to do as their fins can be easily broken, not to mention we also have to clean them afterwards. So we have to make a lot of mouldings, reaching approximately up to thousands of Kois. This small size also makes the painting work extra hard and takes more time than usual so that the color arrays won’t be smudged and stay in the correct position. 


How about 8-bit artisan keycaps? What is there to know?

The making of 8-bit artisan keycaps is filled with many hardships, some of which are even more challenging than the other collections that we’ve done before. First, we start with how we have produced the little details living inside this nostalgic keycap series. Each miniature item you see is created through shaping from molds, which is very difficult to make concise and perfect final products considering their tiny size. Although these bits are small, it takes from 8 to 10 hours for the moulds to reach the necessary hardness so that they can be ready for the next crucial step.

With 17 different miniature items measured from only 0.5mm to 2mm, it takes a lot of time to paint each and every single one of them. This particular step is much more challenging for us compared to the previous collections as the details are so tiny that it’s very easy to smudge the colour. If our artisans mess up in this painting stage, they have to do it all over again to guarantee the colour quality. We have to make almost thousands of small details in order to have the favourable ones that are ready for the next step.

The next challenge Jelly Key team has to face during making 8-bit artisan keycaps is securing the details. We need to make sure that the coloured micro items are placed in the correct positions to form the right concept. Not to mention that there are also floating details, not attaching themselves to any base. If we put the finished parts onto the base in the wrong way, the whole progress is considered destroyed and we must return to zero. This makes us extremely careful in this step, causing more time to spend on locating the correct positions as shown in the original sketch.

Kindly refer to this post for more detailed information about why it takes a lot of time for us to finish and send the keycaps, especially in this time of challenge. 

We will try to finish the keycaps that are on-offer  and send them for delivery before the Asian Lunar New Year holiday

Please remember that the order tracking number will be updated when the package is sent to the delivery services. Feel free to contact us via support@jellykey.com if you have any questions or concerns, we will get back to you shortly.

Secondly, here is the most updated list of countries that are suspending their international mail acceptance, which means we cannot ship keycaps to the below countries:

Afghanistan, Albani, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Brazil, Congo, Ivory Coast, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Algeria, Ethiopia, Georgia, Croatia, Uruguay, Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, Malta, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, El Salvador, Tanzania.

For other nations and territories that currently accept international delivery, there still is a very high chance that shipment will, unfortunately, also be delayed, even with missing packages.

*COVID – 19 Update: Up to now, there are about 94 million total cases of COVID-19 worldwide, causing a lot of horrible disruptions in every aspect of life on a global scale. The sad truth is, this number will definitely increase, at least in the near future. No matter where you are, the Jelly Key team wishes you to stay safe and have the strength to go through this pandemic together! From our side, we sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting so long for your ordered keycaps, and we are trying our best to improve what we can. Thank you for your understanding and valuable patience!

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