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Weekly Update – Dragon team is working day and night

Hello guys, We wish you a new month with lots of energy, health and happiness. You must be very excited now because our Cosmo is on the way to your house. We have received lots of positive feedbacks from our customers and we are very happy for that. Dragon team is working day and night, rushing […]

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Weekly update: Burn the midnight oil

Hello our lovely friends and customers, After so many busy days on crafting and finishing our products, team Coral and team Zenpond are so happy to announce that we finally finished our last keycap and these beauties are on the way to your house. In addition to avoiding the confusion, as you can see that

Zen Pond Resin Enter Keycaps

Weekly update: July – Zen Pond – 12 hours per day

Hello our dearest customers. How is your summer vacation? We hope that you are having a great time with your family and friends. We have some very exciting updates for you on this lovely July: Our Retro TV team has completed and packaged all the products. Same as Retro TV Team, Artifacts series Seasonal terraced field

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Weekly update: Bring the coral world to you? Why not?

Hello, our valued customers and friends! Today except for continuing updating about Jelly Key’s activities, as usual, we’d like to inform you a piece of interesting information about our amazing new products!  This is the launch of Atlantis Coral artisan keycaps Collection. Today we start to sell the products in this collection after a thorough

stempunk keycap

Jelly Eden Shipment and Legen-wait-for-it-dary process

When it first came to our Legendary Castles design, we were all elated and worry. We were happy because we had made it in crafting those castles on the clouds and under the water.It was such a real giant leap to our motto “Get the inspirations, craft the sublime designs, never stop renewing our style,

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