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Jelly Eden Shipment and Legen-wait-for-it-dary process

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When it first came to our Legendary Castles design, we were all elated and worry. We were happy because we had made it in crafting those castles on the clouds and under the water.It was such a real giant leap to our motto “Get the inspirations, craft the sublime designs, never stop renewing our style, and expand the boundary of keycap craft. But we’re also afraid, to be honest, we were, for this design. Because it was the very first design of monuments built in such exclusive environments in the form of keycaps profiles. Even our first attempt was successful to create these keycaps from our imagination, we’re afraid we wouldn’t be able to recreate them for you. But you showed your love and we know what to do.

In these photos, you would know what material we had used to make the prototypes off Skypies, Atlantis and Laputa, it’s watch’s gears, wheels, stud, and balance… etc,. We know we would have to dig in any old or not in use watches to find the relevant gears that resemble those we used in the prototype. It’s collecting and classifying process.

Next, we’ll have to craft the castles and the environment of each option of the design and the same time, some material need to stick to each other at the consistent moment unless they won’t bring about the expected effects. Because of had to work with such tiny items and with the complicated process so it took us a great deal of time to finish them perfectly, in any step we must be careful and strict, and eventually, we can proud that it worths anything of you: love, patient, encouragement, time, money… you know we have the cognitive of that.

Here we have now in 85% of the process and we are every day trying to meet the time we had promise. We also want to give you some updates of the Jelly Eden shipment. The very last packages of them are being checked and we’ll finish shipping them to you until the end of next week.

Any information of your artisan keycap shipment you can jump into our Support page or track directly by logging in your own Jelly Key Account. Any suggestions feel free to contact us via email, you’ll be always warmly welcomed at our Support Center, our response time has been increasing and keeping up.

So once again we want to thank you for always being with us.


2 thoughts on “Jelly Eden Shipment and Legen-wait-for-it-dary process”

  1. The last Jelly EDEN artisan keycaps will shipped out our studio in this week. We started to shipped them one week ago, waiting good news from us my friend ^^

  2. Arihan Jalan

    That level of detail… Wow. Just a small suggestion- show the build process when a keycap sale goes live- it really helps put into perspective the complexity that goes into making each keycap and had I known the Castles line was that detailed, I’d have bought it in a heartbeat. Nevertheless, what’s gone is gone; although I haven’t heard anything about my Eden’s since a few months- I look forward to hearing about them shipping soon! 🙂

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