[Charity] Donate to Vietnam’s COVID-19 vaccine fund

[Charity] Donate to Vietnam’s COVID-19 vaccine fund

Today we are delighted to announce the raffle result Arcade cabinets – Ageless console version! We held this raffle to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. Your contribution is precious, and it’s heart-warming to see you as a part of our core values to support and do what’s right for the community. So on behalf of the Jelly Key team, we would like to thank you all for participating in our raffle this time.

Let’s go through the detailed results:

  • Money raised from the raffle: $85 per keycaps x 45 (15 keycaps per colors)  = $3,825 (we cover all Paypal fees)
  • Jelly Key extra contribution: $1,000
  • Additional funds from our customers:
    • $100 from Dimmmer (our Discord)
    • $25 from BigShoe (our Discord)
    • 700.000VND (~$30) from liemnguyen (our Discord)
vaccine covid

With these above contributions, the total amount raised is 4,980 USD, which is 111,087,275 VND.

We have donated all the money to Vietnam’s COVID-19 vaccine fund’s bank account with the information provided by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health:

  • JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam
  • Account number of 2019002019

We hope this can help aid the fight against the pandemic, and the life we once knew before can return soon.
Stay safe and strong, wherever you are.

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