Prototype 8 - Jelly Key


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Friendship with Massdrop and Etheareal Reign Artifact series group-buy

In the past, there were problems. Stem issue on Constellation series is one of them, and Jelly Key had made the replacements to all cases. A minimal number of “Enter the Star” was sloped and we had solved them carefully with Massdrop. We took those tough lessons and fixed them right away as we made mistakes. You know it, we know it. We did the makeup for our dearest friends and customers who had generously forgive us as well as stayed by our side through up and down.

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Ethereal Reign artifact series making

Ethereal Reign is a variant design of Forbidden Realms Artifact series that appear in Enter cap. While you showed you love toward the Forbidden Realms artifact series, we thought that it’s unjust for you if we keep holding the thoughts of making an artifact series of Forbidden Realm in the enter keycap in our heads

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Making next Artifact keycap series – A winter-themed forbidden realm

With higher topography and wooden layer piling skill, Frozen Realms Artifact series is what we predicted in our Artifact series making Tour: with 16 wooden layers at maximum number inner the limit height of a SA Row 1 cap. Jelly Key can now bring you to a state-of-the-art Forbidden Realms, it’s Frozen Realms in which

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Hand-growing the confectionery woods

Confectionery Woods artisan keycap series   The confectionery woods – as its name – is a luscious wood where all woods and rocks and the rest are made from sweet and cake. But the process of making them was not that sweet though.  We had to spent dozen hours to assort the sweets and cake

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The Making of Jelly Key Shangri La Flows artisan keycap

If you are looking for a how-to article, this is not the one. We want to share with you some photos of artisan keycap making of our latest artisan keycap design Shangri La series. The process of handcrafting Shangri La can be broken in 4 major steps. Casting the base – the base is hand

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