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Ethereal Reign artifact series making

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Ethereal Reign is a variant design of Forbidden Realms Artifact series that appear in Enter cap.

While you showed you love toward the Forbidden Realms artifact series, we thought that it’s unjust for you if we keep holding the thoughts of making an artifact series of Forbidden Realm in the enter keycap in our heads forever, and you’d never see them. No. We couldn’t stand that. Then we had made an extension view of the forbidden realms – Seasons in the Enter artifact series – The Ethereal Reign.

Ethereal Reign is mostly made of wood layers, piled on top of each other to create the effect of a miniature highland topography inner side of an SA profile enter keycap. We had made a far advance of skill and aesthetic aspect in this series, four options in this design are the incarnations of four seasons which each of them was carried out with meticulousness by details.

The topography design was first formed in the imagination, then we drew layer by layer in the 2D app, from the base to the top and down the bottom layer gradually. Then we sent the sheets of wood to have them laser cut for very tiny sharp shapes. Next step, laser cut pieces would be piled and stuck on each other in an order that our artisan maker had to spend 2 hours for one each topography. When applied this method from making a 1u cap to an Enter cap, we’re like restart everything from the beginning, to calculate the suitable size of the wooden bottom layers that they would fit in the size of enter cap edge.

We managed to add on or reduce some of the wooden layers as well as resize them into bigger and smaller pieces to make the very small change for each season appearance topography.

If you noticed you’d find the differences among four seasons’ topography height and slope, they would look just a bit higher in the winter or more gentle slope in the Autumn.

Spring and Summer topography have the same highest point, but in Spring design, the vegetation is thinner than in the summer, this is the early period of spring that the ice has just melted, the woodland is in bud and flowers start to blossom sparsely.

Summer keycap design hold a greener sight, the vegetation gets thicker, and we had made the water down the river clear and sparkling by using pieces of glitter paper under the river surface. Besides, the Autumn design’s water has the yellowish reflection on the water surface caused by the yellow, green leaves of the woods. Partly of the area, the tree leaves turn red.

The Winter sight is almost whiteout with snow cover on the top of the mountain, hills and on the riverside. River turns into a glacier.

When all these steps finish, the whole artifact would be put into the mould and we cast them with a high-quality resin so that it would bring the excellent transparent effect for the entire keycap. We need to keep eyes on this step pretty strict unless the sight would be a inclined subject, it wouldn’t stay at the exact horizon line of the enter cap, the rate of getting incline making this sort of artifact series is much more than a 1u cap. We’ve got heart pain sometimes when hearing one of the prototypes got in that trouble. The amounts of time and toughness of each step making enter cap artifact equal to five times of making a 1u cap artifact keycap. But the result elated us much more than that.

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