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Friendship with Massdrop and Etheareal Reign Artifact series group-buy

Here are some words we share to cherish our friendship with Massdrop as well as to give a few to introduce our latest design.

That since the very first days we joined this community, we have been collaborating with Massdrop in several group-buys.

Our newest group-buy – The Ethereal Reign Artifact series – is the seventh one that we also run with Massdrop, and they were so ardent to support us in many aspects to help us prepare for our first Enter artifact series on Massdrop.

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To pile many layers of bigger size wood pieces in a more complicated structure, it was such a high-rank challenge and took us a lot of time, including trials and errors. But finally we got over it, and it’s a lovely chance to bring this handmade artifact to you.

In the past, there were problems. Stem issue on Constellation series is one of them, and Jelly Key had made the replacements to all cases. A minimal number of “Enter the Star” was sloped and we had solved them carefully with Massdrop. We took those tough lessons and fixed them right away as we made mistakes. You know it, we know it. We did the makeup for our dearest friends and customers who had generously forgive us as well as stayed by our side through up and down.

We’re human, we would make mistakes, and from those mistakes, we learn and we grow up. That’s how Jelly Key’s been standing here with you in the path three years.

All of Jelly Key designs on Massdrop are exclusive, and which group-buy we run with Massdrop, Jelly Key won’t run again itself by any mean.

With the faith to beautify our community and humanity. We hope you’ll love seeing Jelly Key handmade products as we love sharing them with you.

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