Zen Pond IV – God’s creation artisan keycaps

The origin of Koi fishes has been wildly popular in Japan and China, symbolizing a spirit of strength and perseverance, not to mention their meaning of good fortune, success, prosperity, and ambition. You know the story. So today, why not dive into the tale of Koi in the Eden world of Jelly Key? It’s a genuinely different yet extraordinary story, we promise.

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We have 5 keycaps designs and ~11 sizes for each OEM/SA/Cherry.

keycaps artisan profiles
  • 1u – (All profiles)
  • 1.25u  – “Ctrl/fn/Alt/Win” (All profiles)
  • 1.5u – “Tab/|\“ (All profiles)
  • 1.75u  – “Caplocks“ (All profiles)
  • 2u – “Backspace“ (All profiles)
  • 2.25u – “Enter/Left-shift“ (SA R3)
  • 2.25u – “Enter“ (Cherry R3 / OEM R3)
  • 2.25u –Left-shift” (Cherry R4 / OEM R4)
  • 2.75u  – “Right-shift” (All profiles)
  • 3u – “Spacebar” of Filco Minila (Cherry / SA R3)
  • 6.25u  – “Spacebar“ (All profiles)
  • 6.5u  – “Spacebar“ (Cherry / SA R3)
  • 7u  – “Spacebar“ (Cherry / SA R3)
zend pond sa cherry oem keycaps 165