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… we’re trying to count in another language here if you don’t mind. But if you do, let’s get a little more nostalgic. If you’re a lucky kid, we’re sure you can still recall the very first time you ever held your NES console that just felt so too good to be true. That Nintendo craze had reset all established standards before and opened a whole new era to us – all the daydreaming kids longing for a way to set ourselves free at home. You just couldn’t help glueing your eyes to the world of vividly pixelated and lo-fi graphics in front of you, and run your thumbs around those magic buttons that can help you race through the game, and say, rescue a princess from a spiky creature. Along with the jazzy chiptune as the background noise, everything was …phenomenal.

Now we’re about to bring back the old-school. They say that era is gone, and we say it is here to stay. The time is right, just wait and see.

Artwork 8bit Artisan Keycaps 2

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Jelly Key is back and. We’ve got a game for you!

Our brand new upcoming keycap series with the legendary 8-bit theme is ready to be introduced to you more than ever. Inspired by this golden era, these little babies will give you the most satisfying goosebumps for their nostalgic imitation, and a nice take on the chosen colour palettes. Trust us when we say this, it’d feel just like the time you had to blow into the cartridge to make it get back to work again! Now that all it takes to finish this treasure collection is only a few final touches left, we’re rolling out a mini-game for you, as we want you to be a part of making this.

The rule is very simple; all you have to do is come up with the coolest name for this series. Do keep in mind that the main theme is about 8-bit.

The more exciting part is, we will choose two best options and give one Jelly Key keycap to the winning names! …. 5% discount coupon for who joined this game too.

That’s it! Give it some thoughts, and send us your best shot. With your help, the good ol’ days are about to come.

Game ended. Thank you everyone for gave us so much awesome name, finally I choose the name : “Pipeline City”  from aberpo*****@gmail.com and Finfonz*****@hotmail.co.uk , and I will sent 5% coupon code to all who joined this game.

Love ya

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